Who is Anna Wintour, the fashion czarina running Met Gala

Who is Anna Wintour, the fashion czarina running Met Gala

May 04, 2022, 03:52 pm
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Anna Wintour has influenced the way the world dresses. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

While you read, watched, and heard about the Met Gala, you might have also come across one name in particular–Anna Wintour.

This British and American journalist has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988.

Wintour basically revived Vogue’s New York franchise.

Her tough challenging personality has earned her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour.”

Here’s exploring this fashion powerhouse who supposedly runs a tight ship.

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and Wintour

If you have read or watched The Devil Wears Pradayou know who Miranda Priestly is.

But do you know the character is rumored to be based on Wintour?

Lauren Weisberger, a former personal assistant, wrote this 2003 bestseller which was adapted into a film starring Meryl Streep.

The September Issuea documentary made on Vogue‘s September 2007 issue, also focused extensively on Wintour.

How she came to be known as ‘Nuclear Wintour’

Having worked at publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, New Yorkand later Vogue and its many subsidiaries, Wintour has earned a reputation for being a “difficult and demanding boss.”

She took over the UK edition of Vogue in 1985 and changed things for the magazine.

But she also fired a lot of the staff and those who stayed were awfully scared of her.

How she revolutionized fashion and Vogue

Her time at US Vogue It began sometime around 1988 and her first issue came out in November 1988.

She brought in a startling change by choosing to put a model wearing jeans on the cover. Printers actually thought that there was some mistake.

However, her gamble paid off and women accepted it with the idea that this is really how normal women dress up.

Her association with the Met Gala

Wintour officially took over as chairperson of the Met Gala in 1999 after hosting it in 1995 and 1997.

She also serves as a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where her organized benefits have raised $50 million for the museum’s Costume Institute.

This year’s table prices at the Gala cost a minimum of $275,000 with individual tickets being $42,700.

Anna Wintour rules the Met Gala

Wintour basically runs the Met Gala. She approves the guest list, everything that will happen inside, and all the rules.

Guests aren’t supposed to spend time on their phones or take selfies.

You cannot smoke.

Guests must mingle with new people, so they aren’t seated next to their friends or partners.

Foods that cause bad breath or get stuck in the teeth are banned.

Wintour is hyper aware of appearance and image

If Wintour thinks that a guest is behaving badly at the gala, it would affect their prospects for Vogue coverage.

Vogue staff is required to dress formally at the Met and all dresses are approved by Wintour’s senior fashion editors.

Wintour is very particular about looks. “God forbid if they’re fat, if they are unsightly, they have to go,” said a former Vogue copywriter.

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