Ways to burn visceral fat with walking

Belly fat is easily visible and losing it is the most common health goal many individuals want to achieve. Although this may be the topmost priority for you, have you ever focused on visceral body fat? Visceral body fat also refers to hidden fat that is stored deep inside the body such as wrapped around the organs, belly, liver and intestine.

High levels of Visceral body fat can have massive health complications. Fortunately, experts reveal losing hidden fat is easier than losing stubborn fat accumulated under the skin. Besides eating healthy food, mindful consumption, a balanced lifestyle, and focused exercising are necessary.

Those who do not get time to go out for workout sessions can still earn the benefit from walking. Although strength training is important for losing fat, underrated activities like walking can help too. So here is the best way to increase your visceral fat burning while walking.

Pick up your pace: Another way to burn more calories and fat while walking is to walk faster. If you are the habitual of walking at a slow pace, pick up and walk waster. Always challenge yourself for power walking, try to go faster always in comparison to your last walk. Take your regular route for a walk and keep an eye on your watch, plan to beat your earlier time. if you are a beginner and building up your stamina, alternate between periods of short, brisk walks and your regular pace.

Hold the weight: in order to lose more weight while walking is to work harder. One can do it by holding hand weights while walking. Start by holding a pair of lighter weights (2 to 3 pounds). Carry them with your normal walking routine. You can do minimal exercises like lifting your arms up and down while walking. To strengthen up one can also add in some exercises such as curls, presses, and lateral raises to work your upper body.

Walk up hills: When one increases the level of difficulty, it helps them to burn more calories. To make the task tough while walking you can walk up the hills in your local community. When you walk up a hill, your body creates pressure to work harder. Focus shifts towards the muscle fibers in the hips and quads, and ultimately burns more fat. Find a hill, and start walking all the way up, then back down. Repeat for a few more rounds. Stairs are the best substitute for hills.

Walking lungs: when you are walking in a park or your personal space, give yourself some space for the movement by taking a long stride and stepping forward with one leg. This is called walking lungs. Start with planting your one foot in front then lower yourself under control until the back knee gently touches the ground. Once the knee touches the ground, step through with the other leg, and repeat. Repeat the exercise 10- 12 times.

These exercises will not only help to reduce the hidden fat but also support a positive lifestyle and encourage healthy living. Try the exercises regularly and enjoy the results.


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