Warhammer 3 DLC Roadmap Enough?

Creative Assembly had big shoes to fill with the release of Total War: Warhammer III after the success of the previous installment. Total War: Warhammer II is bursting with content after years of DLC support, including a combined map that brings in races from the first game, a slew of unique Legendary Lords and flavorful Regiments of Renown. Of course, no one expected Warhammer III to launch with as much content, but the lack of meaningful updates several months after launch has left fans out in the cold.

Warhammer III is a solid experience, as CBR attested to in its review, but between technical issues and frustration surrounding a few of the campaign mechanics, Creative Assembly has had its hands full. Many players have been frustrated with the wait for fixes and new content, and it shows on the Steam charts, where Warhammer II is currently more popular than its successor. Creative Assembly recently released a DLC roadmap to help reassure its fans, but will the upcoming changes be enough to bring them back?

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Before the roadmap was released, Warhammer III received update 1.1, which fixed several bugs and overhauled the Realm of Chaos mechanics, among other small improvements. The Realm of Chaos was extremely punishing in its previous iteration and this patch, while greatly appreciated, was a band-aid fix for a campaign that is far too restricting for the dozens of playthroughs that give Total War games their longevity.

The roadmap reveals that update 1.2 will release this month, promising more bug fixes in addition to auto-resolve improvements, technology tree reworks, and improvements to sluggish unit responsiveness. It will also include the first wave of Regiments of Renown, which will add new units to each faction. Update 1.3 will release sometime in Quarter 3 2022 and will build on these improvements with even more tech tree reworks, Regiments of Renown, and an increase in the number of land battles (as opposed to the more tedious minor settlement battles and sieges).

These changes will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to Warhammer III, but they likely won’t already be enough on their own to bring back players who are burnt out on the Realm of Chaos campaign. Many fans are instead waiting for the combined map that will throw all the races from the previous games into a new, open-ended campaign. The good news is that the new combined map, called “Immortal Empires,” is coming in Update 2.0, also aimed at a Q3 release. The bad news is, when it finally does drop, it’ll be as an open beta.

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Given the technical issues that many players still have with Warhammer III, this is a cause for concern. It’s not a major leap to speculate that Immortal Empires will arrive with more than its fair share of bugs, which is a bit disappointing for the game’s most anticipated mode. It likely won’t be until updates 2.1 and 3.0, which are slated for Q4 2022, that Immortal Empires will be running smoothly.

Given that a large chunk of this game’s development took place during COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines, and that Creative Assembly’s post-launch focus has been on addressing complaints with the base game, the content delay isn’t totally unexpected. While the DLC roadmap offers a glimmer of hope for later in the year and beyond, it looks like it’ll be at least a few more months before Warhammer III can claim the title of definitive Total War: Warhammer experience.

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