The Show’s 10 Biggest Villains, Ranked

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé will be glad to know that the hit TV show is gracing their screens once again this April 17. Featuring endearing couples like Kirlyam and Alan who were recently blessed with a second child, as well as chaotic pairs like Anfisa and Jorge whose was recently finalized , 90 Day Fiancé has plenty of drama-filled, emotional, and authentic moments that keep viewers glued to their screens.

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But arguably, it’s the misbehaved villains with their personal agendas that make 90 Day Fiancé a more interesting show to watch. The biggest villains on the show are often manipulative, dishonest, and make life more difficult for their partners and families.

10 Azan Tefou

Azan Tefou In 90 Day Fiance

Many viewers wonder why Nicole Nafziger still stayed with Azan Tefou, despite her knowing that he was only about “55-percent attracted” to her. Azan was guilty of committing highly-questionable acts, which includes canceling trips to see Nicole and leaving steamy voicemails for other women. In spite of this, Nicole and Azan are still a fan-favorite pair on 90 Day Fiancé.

What’s more, Azan was dependent on Nicole’s measly salary from being a Starbucks barista and has even asked for $6,000 to start a non-existent venture in Morocco. Because of what Azan has done, many fans of the show think that the pair is one of the least compatible couples from the show. Despite this, the pair has lasted for five years, ultimately going their separate ways in July 2021.

9 Ricky Reyes

Ricky Reyes in 90 Day Fiance

When he was first introduced in the show, Ricky Reyes garnered sympathy from the viewers, as his story felt like the start of a bad catfishing experience. However, the woman Ricky flew to Colombia for turns out to be a real person — things quickly started falling apart after their first meeting.

Ricky soon loses the sympathy he gained from the fans when he reveals he has also been talking to another woman in the same country if things don’t go as planned. Due to his manipulative behavior and elaborate lies, he reminds fans of a bad psychological thriller villain whenever he appears on screen. Today, not much is known about Ricky’s personal life, but he often posts sports commentary videos on YouTube.


8 Anfisa Arkhipchenko

An interview with Anfisa during a 90 Day Fiance segment.

During her relationship with Jorge Nava, Anfisa Arkhipchenko has never denied that she was only into him for the money. While her unsavory behavior has been encouraged by Jorge’s belief that a woman should depend on a man, Anfisa has exhibited plenty of times on the show that she’s more than willing to make Jorge’s life harder.

Demanding a whopping $45,000 wedding gown, keying the word “idiot” on Jorge’s car, and trying to hit her ex-husband, were some of the upsetting gestures Anfisa was caught doing on camera. Anfisa further disappointed viewers as she stopped communication with Jorge and found a new boyfriend shortly after her ex-husband went to jail. That said, 90 Day Fiancé’s Anfisa redeemed herself by choosing to improve her personality and life after leaving Jorge.

7 Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days

Darcey Silva returns on season 4 to show off her new beau, Tom Brooks. However, it seems that Darcey hasn’t exactly struck gold with Tom. On the surface, Tom is a caring and charismatic person who readily consoled Darcey after her breakup with her personal trainer. In reality, Tom is deeply motivated by his selfish desires.

Tom has put up a front as someone who lives a lavish lifestyle by stealing photos of luxurious items and homes and claiming them as his own on Instagram. He has also shown that he can be cruel and manipulative, often making fun of Darcey’s appearance on the show. It’s no wonder that his sleazy and despicable conduct has earned the ire of the show’s fans.

6 Big Ed Brown

Big Ed from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé series.

Big Ed Brown’s and Rose Vega’s appearance on the show has spawned a lot of memes online. However, viewers of the show can’t be blamed for finding it difficult to laugh at the couple’s misadventures when they realize how unpleasant Big Ed has been to Rose. Big Ed Brown’s list of crimes includes not showering, lying to Rose about his vasectomy, telling his former partner that she has bad breath, and washing his hair with mayonnaise.

His creepy behavior of only being interested in women in their twenties has made him one of the most disliked cast members from the show. So much so that even fans on Reddit think that Big Ed is one of the worst partners in the show’s history. In spite of that, Big Ed’s embarrassing and foolish antics have undeniably kept fans glued to their screens.

5 Lesina Pulaa

Asuelu's Mother Lesina 90 Day Fiance

The mother of TLC star Asuelu Pulaa, Lesina Pulaa is considered by fans as a nightmare mother-in-law. On the show, Lesina has constantly pressured Asuelu to send her money, despite knowing that his son only works part-time at a grocery store and doesn’t earn a lot.

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During an argument with her daughter-in-law Kalani Faagata, Lesina proclaims that she wants Asuelu to go back to Samoa in order to fulfill her financial needs, going as far as to say that she doesn’t care about the couple’s kids. In spite of burying the hatchet with her son and daughter-in-law during her last appearance on the show, Lesina still gets a bad rep from fans as they strongly think that she’s being insincere.

4 Betty Gibbs

Betty Gibbs has shown narcissistic and manipulative tendencies on 90 Day Fiancé. The mother of season 8 star Brandon Gibbs, Betty has conditioned her son to develop an extreme dependence on her. For one, Betty has convinced Brandon that he’d never make it on his own and questions her son’s desire to gain independence.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé also think that Betty is too overbearing and has major control issues. On the show, Betty has made doctor’s appointments without her future daughter-in-law’s consent in an attempt to get her on birth control. It would surprise no one if Betty and her son weren’t on speaking terms due to her terrible behavior.

3 Mark Shoemaker

Mark Shoemaker has exhibited eyebrow-raising that makes him an incredibly creepy behavior person. For instance, the 58-year old’s partner on the show is 19-year old Nikki Mediano. The 39 years between their ages make them the couple with the biggest age gap in 90 Day Fiancé history. Mark’s four children from a previous marriage are all older than Nikki and have expressed distaste for their father’s decision to marry Nikki.

Fans who takes a closer look at the couple’s relationship can see that Mark treats Nikki as if she was a child from the start of their relationship. On the show, Mark often bosses Nikki around by making her wear his daughter’s used clothes and forbidding her to touch the windows of his car. Unsurprisingly, the couple is no longer together. Mark has filed for divorce early this year.

2 Andrei Castravet

It’s hard to find any redeemable qualities from a person who considers themself an “alpha male”. Season 5 introduced us to Andrei Castravet, a self-proclaimed “alpha male” who is married to Libby Castravet, who, during her time on the show, was eight months pregnant with their first child.

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Despite having a pregnant wife who is on the cusp of giving birth, Andrei refuses to work and relies on his wife and her family. His extreme sense of entitlement and aggressive reaction to criticism has enraged casual viewers and diehard fans of the show. Andrei and Libby are still happily married, though, and are expecting a second child.

1 Leida Margaretha

leida 90 Day Fiance cropped

While there have been plenty of unpleasant people who have appeared on the show, most fans would agree that season 6’s Ledia Margatha has behaved the worst on screen. She constantly clashed with her teenage stepdaughter Tasha Rosenbrook and even got her kicked out of their apartment. Leida has further sabotaged her stepdaughter’s life by encouraging her husband to dismiss her and by requesting a restraining order that comes up every time Tasha’s background is checked.

The season 6 cast member also claims that she gave up a luxurious life by moving to America with her husband Eric Rosenbrook. However, fans think that Leida is being dishonest as she fails to provide proof for her tall tales. Due to her extremely disappointing and dangerous antics, fans note that Leida is one of those people that should be avoided at all costs.

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