The Joker’s Twisted New Form Proves He Really Did Always Love Batman

While the Joker’s obsession with Batman has been well noted throughout his career, it just became apparent that his obsession was true love all along.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Batman: Beyond The White Knight #2

While it is at this point a known fact that Batman and the Joker are sworn enemies, it has also become quite obvious that their bond is more than just “hero vs villain” but something much deeper, and much more twisted – at least, as far as the Joker is concerned. The Joker is obsessed with Batman and has proven as much throughout a number of storylines, though none so much as in his latest one where the Joker proves that his obsession has actually been true love all along.

The Joker holds a special place in his decrepit heart for Batman and even displays tendencies of jealousy when it comes to the Caped Crusader. One storyline that depicts this beautifully is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Death of the Family arc where the Joker plots the deaths of every single member of the Bat-Family so that he can have Batman all to himself. Another is the Alan Moore and Brian Bolland classic The Killing Joke, which reveals a potential origin story for the Joker, though this story is arguably more about the Joker trying to make Batman understand him by proving that even someone like Commissioner Gordon can go crazy after just”one bad dayJust as he did so many years ago.


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While Batman and the Joker have grown close over the years – even if their relationship has pretty much been the one-sided delusional obsessions of a deranged maniac – they have never been closer than they are right now. In Batman: Beyond The White Knight #2 by Sean Murphy with Dave Stewart, it is revealed tha, before he was murdered by Harley Quinn, the Joker implanted his consciousness into Batman’s brain and is now a living projection in Bruce Wayne’s mind. Instead of uploading a version of himself meant to torment Batman into insanity, the Joker’s goal in this twisted resurrection scheme was only to help Bruce in his greatest time of need. When the Joker reveals himself, he tells Batman that he only wants to help him achieve his goals, and backs up his claim by proving himself to be a pretty valuable asset.

Joker proves that he actually does love Batman.

The Joker’s motives in this issue are purely with Batman’s best interests at heart, leading one to conclude that the Joker really did love Batman all along. This version of the Joker only came to be after the real Joker’s death, which is actually beautiful when thought of as his last act of devotion towards Bruce. In life, the Joker was connected with Batman on a level that no one else shared as he was his arch rival and kept that status quo all the way until his final breath. After uploading himself into Bruce’s mind, however, there is no more need to torment Batman as that stage of their twisted relationship is over, and he can express his true for him from beyond the grave, something he could never do in life.

The Joker decided that the only way to play a significant role in Batman’s life was to be his arch enemy, but upon his death, it seems as though he decided to give his being trusted ally – and maybe one day his legitimate friend – a shot instead. While the Joker’s methods for winning Batman’s affection are dark and intrusive, that’s just the kind of messed up person he is, though it shouldn’t cloud the true feelings that are being expressed. Despite the manner of which he went about it, the Joker‘s twisted new form proves he really did always love Batman.

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