The Batman Hints At Batman’s Addiction to Bane’s Deadly Venon

Batman and Bane were both addicted to venom to help them overcome their possessed weaknesses.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Batman, now in theaters.

Matt Reeve’s The Batman is currently in theaters and has many long-term Batman fans buzzing with its critically praised performances, stunning cinematography and visuals, captivating noir storyline, and many hidden Easter eggs and references for long-time fans. These references range from character names of potential future villas to name-dropping of other DC cities like Bludhaven or most notably iconic, surprise cameos from Batman characters and rogues.

However, one reference comes towards the end of the film during one of the most pivotal moments in the film’s near three-hour run time. Some fans believe that Batman uses Venom, the super steroid serum that gives one of the Dark Knight’s greatest nemesis, Bane, his optimal superhuman strength that helped him to break the Bat. Venom also has a similar history with Bruce himself, as he was also briefly addicted to the steroid years before he had met Bane during the classic Legends of the Dark Knight story arc simply titled “Venom”.

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During an epic final battle between Batman and the Riddler’s henchmen, Batman attempts to foil their plan to assassinate the new Mayor and is shot in the chest. When he notices Selina Kyle aka Catwoman dangling for her life after helping him fight some of the henchmen, he grabs a syringe with a bright green serum to kickstart his body and adrenaline in an attempt to save her, whilst beating the foot soldier who did it to a bloody pulp. Many believe the drug seen in the film is the same as the one once used by both Batman and Bane, as it is bright green performance enhancer like in the comics, and tends to make its users stronger and more brutal in battle whilst also going brief fits of rage.

It was first introduced in Legends of the Dark Knight #16 by Dennis O’Neil, Trevor von Eeden, and Russell Braun in the storyline with the same name. Bruce began using it after he had failed to save the life of a young girl who was kidnapped and turned to the drug to make up for his physical limitations, before ultimately becoming addicted. As he takes the drug more and more, he becomes addicted as well as violent on-edge and more brutal with the opponents he faces. Bruce then shuts himself off from the world in the Bat Cave and handles the intense withdrawal effects, becoming a better man and a more effective hero in the process.

Bane himself would later use the drug to notorious effect, although his addiction story would have more relapses than Bruce’s. Several storylines have shown Bane overcoming his addiction to the serum, being no less formidable without it, only to succumb to it once more in order for him to try and defeat Batman once and for all, such as in Tom King’s “I am Bane” and “City of Bane.”

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While it has not been confirmed that the drug Bruce takes is in fact the same one that he and arguably, his most dangerous enemy both get addicted to, it nonetheless seems to be a tongue-in-cheek reference dropped by Reeves and co. for true fans of the Dark Knight to ponder on. Its inclusion makes sense, given Robert Pattinson’s Batman is still just starting out, and we can easily see his self-destructive tendencies leading him towards addiction to a performance enhancer.

However, unless the filmmakers plan on introducing a new version of Bane in this series, the strange green serum will most likely not be confirmed to be venom either way. Considering if a future film were to adapt the “Venom” storyline, it would naturally be followed by Bane’s introduction shortly after.

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