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Medication side effects, a respiratory infection, sleep problems or even a urinary tract infection can all create symptoms that are also associated with this condition, according to a recent AARP article.n”, “explanation”: “The issues are often easily reversible.” , medical professionals say.”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “Cataracts” }, “answer1”: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText”: “Dementia” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “High blood pressure” }, “answer3”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “Diabetes” } } }, “quest1”: { “imageBrowse”: “”, “imageCaption”: “”, “imageCredit: “”, “question”: “

According to an energy expert we recently interviewed, how much have natural gas prices rose over the past 18 months?n”, “explanation”: “u201cFossil fuels are really susceptible to price increases,u201d said Lauren Urbanek, senior energy policy advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council.”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0”: { “isRight: “wrong”, “answerText”: “125%” }, “answer1”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “u200%” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “375%” }, “answer3”: { “isRight” “: “right”, “answerText”: “500%” } } }, “quest2”: { “imageBrowse: “”, “imageCaption”: “”, “imageCredit: “”, “question”: “

One of these is the name of a popular free, encrypted email service that we recently wrote about.n”, “explanation”: “Unlike some other free services, ProtonMail does not serve ads based on your online activity.”, “hint “: “”, “answers”: { “answer0: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText: “Nuclear Mail” }, “answer1”: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText” : “ProtonMail” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText: “RedLectroid Mail” }, “answer3”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “MuonMail” } } }, “quest3”: { “imageBrowse: “”, “imageCaption: “”, “imageCredit: “”, “question”: “

We recently ranked u201cGreyu2019s Anatomyu201d as the best show this television producer has made so far.n”, “expplanation”: “Among the other shows Rhimes has produced: u201cInventing Anna,u201d u201cPrivate Practiceu201d and u201cBridgerton.u201d”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText: “Shonda Rhimes” }, “answer1”: { “isRight” “: “wrong”, “answerText”: “u200bu200bDick Wolf” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText: “Chuck Lorre” }, “answer3”: { “isRight”: ” wrong”, “answerText”: “u200 Ernesto Palmer” } } }, “quest4”: { “imageBrowse”: “”, “imageCaption”: “”, “imageCredit”: “”, “question”: “

Blood pressure drugs from this pharmaceutical company were recently recalled after elevated levels of a potentially cancer-causing impurity were found in some tablets.n”, “explanation”: “The impurity was found in both name-brand and generic medications.”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “Novartis” }, “answer1”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText” : “AstraZeneca” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText: “u200bu200bJohnson & Johnson” }, “answer3”: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText”: ” u200bPfizer” } } }, “quest5”: { “imageBrowse: “”, “imageCaption: “”, “imageCredit: “”, “question”: “

Moisturizing lotions from this brand were recently recalled over concerns of bacterial contamination.n”, “explanation”: “The lotions were voluntarily recalled due to possible contamination with Pluralibacter gergoviae, a that can raise the risk of bacteria infection in people with certain health problems.”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText”: “u200bJergens” }, “answer1: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “u200bgold bond” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText: “Olay” }, “answer3”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “utrogena” } }, “quest6”: { “imageBrowse: “”, “imageCaption: “”, “imageCredit: “”, “question”: “

According to experts we interviewed, which one of these two home improvements offers the strongest return on investment when itu2019s time to sell your house?n”, “explanation”: “u201cPsychologically, when a prospective buyer rolls up to a home that looks pulled together and in good repair, they walk into that deal with a positive impression of the home,u201d Clayton DeKorne, chief editor at real estate market research firm JLC Group, Zonda Media, told AARP.”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “Kitchen remodeling” }, “answer1: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText”: “Exterior” upgrades” } } }, “quest7”: { “imageBrowse: “”, “imageCaption: “”, “imageCredit: “”, “question”: “

What was the name of the company that recently won an AARP/Venture Miami pitch contest for digital solutions that combat loneliness and social isolation?n”, “explanation”: “The start-up has designed a one-touch picture phone designed for use by people with cognitive decline.”, “hint”: “”, “answers”: { “answer0”: { “isRight”: “wrong”, “answerText”: “Lendl Global” }, “answer1″: { ” isRight: “wrong”, “answerText”: “Chatables” }, “answer2”: { “isRight”: “right”, “answerText: “RAZ Mobility” }, “answer3”: { “isRight”: “wrong” “, “answerText”: “Carevocacy” } } }” data-trivialanguage=”{ “question”: “Question”, “of”: “of”, “next”: “Next Question”, “checkanswer”: ” Check Answer”, “results”: “Get Results”, “right”: “Right”, “wrong”: “Wrong”, “incorrect”: “INCORRECT”, “correct”: “CORRECT”, “score”: ” Score”, “youanswered”: “You answered [X] out of [N] questions correctly.”, “youranswer”: “Your Answer”, “yourresults”: “Your Results”, “correctanswer: “Correct Answer”, “print”: “Print”, “hint”: “Hint”, “challenge” “: “Challenge a Friend”, “share”: “Share Your Score”, “take”: “Take Another Quiz” }” data-triviamore=”{ “en”: “/entertainment/leisure-activities/aarp-quizzes “, “es”: “/espanol/entretenimiento/Trivias” }”>


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