California man in plot to blow up Democratic target blames alcohol

When two Bay Area Democratic supporters of former President Donald Trump were indicted last year on charges of plotting to blow up the headquarters building in Sacramento, federal officials described the plans as “despicable conduct” with no place in American society. “Firebombing your perceived political opponents is illegal and does not nurture the sort of … Read more

Cartels have created generation of drug addicts in Mexican cities like Tijuana, expert says

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Only two drug rehab centers operated in Tijuana 15 years ago, and now there are more than 100. What changed? Experts say drug cartels decided to start selling and unloading their products on the streets of Tijuana, creating a new source of revenue while leading thousands to drug addiction. “There’s … Read more

India staring at a possibility of US sanctions, more belligerent China | India News

NEW DELHI: India will have to grapple with the renewed threat of US sanctions for weapon purchases from Russia as well as a more belligerent China along its northern borders as a fallout of the Ukraine crisis. Given its own strategic compulsions, India has so far walked the diplomatic tightrope between the US and Russia. … Read more

Cartels fuel opioid addiction in US, violence in Mexico

Editor’s note: First of a two-part series examining El Paso’s budding drug addiction problem and the stalemate in Juarez between police and the drug cartels. EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – El Paso is blessed with 302 days of sunshine, one of the lowest crime rates in America and billions of dollars in trade coming … Read more