One man’s journey from alcohol addiction to recovery

Peter Delbert lives in Camelot, but it’s not a fairytale. It’s a 45-bed in-patient substance use disorder rehabilitation center on Staten Island. He’s addicted to alcohol and has been in recovery twice — this time for 10 months. His drink of choice is vodka. “It became my new best friend. It became my family. It … Read more

UW-Madison addresses underage drinking as school year begins

MADISON, Wis. — With the Fall semester just days away, college students have returned to the Madison area. And on Sept. 2, 137 of them were cited for underage drinking. Freshman enrollment at UW-Madison is up 16% compared to last fall. A record 8,465 freshman students will begin studying in just a few days; many … Read more

Drugs, treatment and harm: Federal official describes the realities of addiction crisis | Top Story

BATAVIA — State and local human services agencies, supported by the federal government, must pool their services to fight the scourge of substance use disorder that resulted in 108,000 overdose deaths last year, according to the general of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. “It’s no longer an ‘either or’ proposition, treatment … Read more

Man set on fire in August still recovering in ICU, passionate to recover from burns and addiction

SPOKANE, Wash. – The battle to survive continues for Steven Maupin-Bureau, the man who was set on fire on Aug. 1. “He could take this and have one heck of a story to try and help other people,” Maupin-Bureau’s mother, Dawn Dawson, said. These encouraging words were shared from her son’s bedside, where she has … Read more

Addiction Services Council marks Overdose Awareness Day

CINCINNATI — hundreds of crosses dot the garden outside Cincinnati’s Addiction Services Council, casting long, haunting shadows onto the grass. Those who work for the council said about 350 names came from the Hamilton County quick response team and another 200 were reported by friends and family. Each represents a life lost to drug overdose. … Read more

Addressing homelessness with Housing First approach

MADISON, Wis. — On any given day throughout the US, thousands of people struggle with homelessness or home insecurity and throughout many states, this issue is addressed through a Housing First method. The United States Interagency on Homelessness reported that, as of January 2020, there were 4,515 people struggling with homelessness on any given day. … Read more

Polk County pastors help feed struggling addicts

Sen. Rick Scott announced the “Stop Fentanyl Package” act at a press conference in Pinellas County Tuesday, saying the legislation will help address Florida’s opioid crisis. What You Need To Know Florida’s Sen. Rick Scott announced the “Stop Fentanyl Package” act in Pinellas County Tuesday Law enforcement officials with him at the time claim that … Read more

Neshkoro woman beats drug addiction to become drug counselor

It’s called rock bottom. But there really isn’t such a place. Not in this world. Rock bottom is death. That is the only point where things can’t get worse. Stephanie Good danced with rock bottom, time and again. But cheating death was never a deterrent. It was a green light to continue on her path … Read more

An FDA proposal could make cigarettes less addictive

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the US While gains have been made to curb smoking rates nationwide, federal health officials are taking direct aim at cigarettes, with the goal of pushing allowable nicotine levels down to a non-addictive level. Will it make a difference? National Health Reporter Erin Billups … Read more

Woman creates a tiny barbershop on wheels

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis.— Mandy Jane Ashenfelter said even through the tough times, she is thankful she created The Hair Hut three years ago. “I am not in this to get rich,” she said. “If I was, I wouldn’t be here, but I’m so thankful and it’s worth it.” Inside what looks like a tiny home … Read more