Cognitive deficit in COVID-19 survivors is equivalent to 20 years of aging

Cognitive impairment as a result of severe COVID-19 is similar to that sustained between 50 and 70 years of age and is the equivalent to losing 10 IQ points, say a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. The findings, published in the journal eClinicalMedicine, emerging from the NIHR COVID-19 … Read more

Alcohol Dependence Drug the Next Anti-Anxiety Med?

Disulfiram, a US Food and Drug Admiistration (FDA)–approved medication for the treatment of chronic alcohol dependence, shows promise as a potential anxiolytic, early research suggests. Japanese researchers, headed by Akiyoshi Saitoh, PhD, professor in the Department of Pharmacy, Tokyo University of Science, compared the reactions of mice that received a classic anxiolytic agent (diazepam) to … Read more

Diagnosing chronic respiratory diseases from within the bedroom

For World Sleep Day 2022, News-Medical speaks to Max Sieghold, Co-Founder and CFO of Sleepiz, about their technology and its ability to diagnose sleep apnea from the bedroom. Please can you introduce yourself, tell us about your background in sleep research and chronic respiratory disorders, and what inspired your latest research? My Name is Max … Read more

cbdMD : Skills For Coping With Stress and Strategies for Better Me…

In general, coping with stress includes a fair amount of patience. Whatever it is that’s causing your stress probably didn’t appear in a single day, and you definitely won’t be able to get it to all go away in one day either. But it can be mitigated and chipped away at by practicing coping strategies, … Read more

SENIOR LOOKOUT: Remember your vowels to beat stress | News

April is Stress Awareness Month. I think that we can all agree that overall stress has increased significantly in most of our lives in the past couple of years. The National Institute for Health defines stress as the body’s response to physical, mental, or emotional pressure. Stress causes chemical changes in the body that can … Read more

Top level video-gamers ‘face the same mental health pressures’ as athletes

M Mental health problems such as stress, sleep problems, burnout, social phobia and anxiety are highly prevalent in top video-gamers at a level comparable to other professional sports, according to a new study. Researchers at the universities of Winchester and Chichester say that improving the mental health of those taking part in esports should be … Read more

Add Sleep Problems to the List of Pandemic Challenge for Nurses

Insomnia due to work stress can further exacerbate nurses’ anxiety and depression, new study says. Working the front lines of the early COVID-19 pandemic led to sleepless nights, anxiety, and depression for more than half of nurses surveyed for a new study. “Nurses are already at risk for higher rates of depression and insufficient sleep … Read more

Morning Rituals to Avoid a Bad Day at Work | On Careers

The way you start your day can determine the quality of your experience from morning until night. A rushed, frazzled, unintentional launch into your first hours will often lead to more of the same as you transition into the afternoon and evening. But when you take the time to put a self-nourishing, digitally detoxed, energizing … Read more

GPs Left Depressed, Anxious, and Burned Out by Pandemic

Primary care doctors around the world are facing increasing chronic stress and burnout that is detrimentally affecting their mental health and wellbeing. According to the first systematic review to explore the psychological wellbeing of GPs during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has left GPs depressed, anxious and burned out, with women and older doctors most affected. … Read more

PayPal : How 5 Entrepreneurs Are Convincing a Sleepless Culture to Sleep More

PeopleCulture Thanks to a pervasive “rise-and-grind” culture, the stress of navigating everything from parenthood to a pandemic, and the strain of running their own operations, business owners across the globe are losing out on sleep. The good news: entrepreneurs in the sleep and wellness industries are making slumber easier to get. And while building and … Read more