A nutritional therapist explains how to fix weight and sleep issues

It’s a phrase we often use to excuse mood swings that leave us seeingthing with rage one minute and sobbing the next — but there could be more to it than just “feeling hormonal.” According to nutritional therapist Gail Madalena, hormones are vital chemical messengers that signal information between our cells and organs. “They’re needed … Read more

Opinion: Free markets for time: Let the states decide whether to adopt daylight-saving time

Americans are tired of losing sleep. On the second Sunday in March, Americans push their clocks forward, and the disruption to sleep patterns creates fatigue and a lot of irritable personalities. Church attendance is unusually sparse. Some folks miss the exercise altogether or show up late, just in time for the coffee. Disliking sermons—other than … Read more

Smart Beds Can Be Useful Tool for Diagnosing Insomnia, Study Finds

Patients with lower heart rate variability during sleep may suffer from insomnia, the study found. A new report links heart rate variability (HRV) with risk of insomnia and used a novel tool for identifying patients who may be suffering from insomnia — their beds. The study, which was presented in March at the World Sleep … Read more

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Getting enough sleep is the foundation of good health, yet one in three adults say they are chronically sleep-deprived. Regularly falling short of the recommended number of hours will make you feel groggy the following day, and the sleep you do get won’t really feel restorative. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, but … Read more

How Does Daylight Saving Time Affect Sleep?

The joyful march towards spring inevitably includes one slight stumbling block: the annual shift to daylight saving time. On the second Sunday of March, the majority of Americans spring forward by losing one hour overnight. DST ends in November when we fall back by gaining an extra hour on the first Sunday in November. (Getty … Read more

World Sleep Day: Why do women need more quality sleep than men?

Everyone needs good sleep, a solid 7-8 hours every night. But it is often said that women need more and better quality sleep than men. Citing a 2014 study, ‘Exploring Sex and Gender Differences in Sleep Health: A Society for Women’s Health Research Report‘ published in the National Library of Medicine, Nitin Gupta, the executive … Read more

Struggling to sleep following a COVID-19 infection? You’re not alone, experts say

When Jen Martin tested positive for COVID-19 in early February, she was surprised by just how unwell she felt. “I didn’t have a fever but I had very serious aches and pains, crazy lethargy, and a hacking cough,” she says. “I certainly felt worse than I had expected to, having heard all of the stories … Read more

Sleep quality is more important than the number of hours you sleep, finds study | Health

to researchers at UC San Francisco, people who are gifted with genes that pack the benefits of slumber into an efficient time window, show psychological resilience and resistance to neurodegenerative conditions that may fend off neurological disease. The findings of the study were published in the journal ‘iScience’. “There’s a dogma in the field that … Read more

You could save your partner’s life by listening to them sleep

It might sound a bit creepy, but observing your partner while they sleep could actually be beneficial to their health. Luckily, you don’t have to stare at them intensely to save their life — you just have to listen. What you should be listening out for is heavy snoring, one expert explained. Speaking to The … Read more

World Sleep Day 2022: Bizarre sleep disorders you may not have heard about | Health

World Sleep Day 2022: A good night’s sleep could keep many health issues at bay. An uninterrupted, rejuvenating and refreshing shut-eye is craved by one and all, yet when it comes to prioritizing it and making it a part of routine, many of us falter. While some may purposely delay dozing off to enjoy some … Read more