Opioid Addiction Crisis in United States Linked to Poor Working Conditions and Unemployment

Newswise — LOS ANGELES (May 24, 2022) – Two linked studies led by UCLA Fielding School of Public Health researchers have found strong between drug misuse association generally and opioid misuse specifically among unemployed Americans, who were found to have a 40% higher likelihood to misuse opioids than those working 35-40 hours per week. “With … Read more

Randomized Controlled Trial and Feasibility Study

Background: Sexual minority women disproportionately engage in heavy drinking and shoulder the burden of alcohol dependence. Although several intensive interventions are being developed to meet the needs of treatment-seeking sexual minority women, there remains a lack of preventive interventions to reduce drinking and its among women not yet motivated to reduce their alcohol consumption. Objective: … Read more

Pregnant Women’s Alcohol Use is Linked to Partners’ Drinking

Newswise — Pregnant women’s alcohol use is correlated with their partners’ drinking, according to a large European study — and partners are unlikely to meaningfully reduce or halt their consumption while expecting a baby. The findings may offer a new way of identifying women at risk of drinking in pregnancy and potentially intervening to prevent … Read more

Smokers Who Switch to E-Cigarettes May Adopt Other Healthy Routines

Newswise — Adult smokers who shift to using to e-cigarettes may have more chances to improve health and well-being, according to new research from the University of Washington. The study monitored changes in health and social functioning among smokers at two stages in adulthood, age 30 and again at 39. Approximately one-third of smokers shifted … Read more

Clues into a Sleep Mystery

Newswise — Healthy sleep is a basic physiologic need. In its absence, a myriad of processes in the body can go terribly awry. Chronic sleep problems have been linked to mental health disorders, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, among other conditions. Yet, consistently achieving the deep, restorative sleep necessary for optimal physiologic health … Read more

Machine Learning Models Predict Heavy Drinking Relapse

Newswise — Machine learning techniques can be used to predict treatment outcomes among people with alcohol use disorder (AUD), according to a study reported in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Patients often return to heavy drinking during and after their treatment for AUD, and may need multiple rounds of treatment before they can achieve long-term … Read more

Childhood trauma key indicator of suicide idea in college students

Newswise — New research from the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin has shown that cumulative exposure to childhood trauma was a key indicator of suicide idea among university students. Screening for adverse childhood experiences could help to improve college services and supports, according to the authors of the study. The research, conducted by … Read more

Multidisciplinary Approach to Weight Management – Including Bariatric Surgery – Is a Viable Option for Adolescents with Obesity

Newswise — Increased access to an adolescent-centered healthy weight management program, including bariatric or weight loss surgery, is paramount to achieving the best long-term outcomes as adolescents with obesity grow to adulthood, a new study. Published online in Surgical Endoscopy, a journal of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons, the study found that … Read more

Late-Onset Alcohol Abuse Can Be a Presenting Symptom of Dementia, Researchers Find

Newswise — New York, NY (April 4, 2022) Patients who start abusing alcohol later in life—after age 40—may be doing so secondary to an underlying neurologic condition, such as frontotemporal dementia, according to findings by a team of researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the University of California, San Francisco. … Read more

Don’t lose sleep over daylight saving time

Newswise — The return to daylight saving time each spring affects the sleep patterns of millions of Americans and can wreak havoc on the many people already affected by sleep problems, but a few simple sleep habits can make all the difference when we spring forward March 13. To better prepare ourselves for daylight saving … Read more