Why you need to exercise your brain | Community

First, we would like to thank veteran Roy Nivens and the Etowah Fire Department for getting our flags back up after the ropes broke. We are so proud that we are able to show respect to our country and its veterans by displaying our American and POW flags. Recently, Stephanie Shanahan, Etowah Community Center Manager, … Read more

Pot Infused Pizza and Other Food Could Become a Thing in New York

Anyone want a slice of pepperoni with cannabis? As state lawmakers continue to scramble with recreational marijuana and its eventual distribution to the public, a few culinary ideas may have sprung. Could the state of New York soon allow cannabis-infused pizza and other food products. as well as packaged edibles sold at local eateries? Looks … Read more

Here are Five Ways to Get Rid of Bad Garlic Breath

Tuesday was National Garlic Day. Yes, I know. That’s a random national holiday, but it’s one that I can certainly get behind and celebrate. I love garlic and will eat just about anything with garlic in it. By the way, to fully illustrate my love for garlic, I found a killer recipe for Chicken with … Read more

Wear It or Drop it? It’s Optional in Yakima

The mask is optional. That’s the word from Yakima City officials who say masks are now optional on both Yakima Transit buses and inside the terminal at the Yakima airport. The option to wear or drop the mask is the result of a court order that says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2021 … Read more

Short naps can be a boon for night-shift workers |

Dear Dr. Roach: Naps are a big part of the day for most of my adult friends. Please comment on their significance and any techniques that increase their value. What are good times of day to nap? What about length of naps? – NMG Answer: Some people do very well with naps; others do not. … Read more

Snobby NYC Italian restaurants are now banning garlic

In a symbolic moment in “The Godfather,” capo Clemenza teaches Michael how to make pasta sauce. “You start out with a little bit of oil,” he says. “Then you fry some garlic.” For many cooks and diners alike, garlic is the staple ingredient of Italian cuisine, as critical to the flavors as tomatoes and Parmesan … Read more

Table Talk: Family cookbooks were filled with recipes and memories | News

Nothing unites a group of women like cookbooks do from families and church. For the most part, cookbooks just take up cupboard space. But they do bring great joy when we find tantalizing recipes, circle them, then leave them in the dark for all of eternity. I recently came across a treasure — a family … Read more

Diagnosing chronic respiratory diseases from within the bedroom

For World Sleep Day 2022, News-Medical speaks to Max Sieghold, Co-Founder and CFO of Sleepiz, about their technology and its ability to diagnose sleep apnea from the bedroom. Please can you introduce yourself, tell us about your background in sleep research and chronic respiratory disorders, and what inspired your latest research? My Name is Max … Read more

ROACH: Short naps can be a boon for night-shift workers | Lifestyles

FROM NORTH AMERICA SYNDICATE, 300 W 57th STREET, 15th FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10019 CUSTOMER SERVICE: (800) 708-7311 EXT. 236 TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH #12345_20220419 FOR RELEASE WEEK OF APRIL 18, 2022 (COL. 2) BYLINE: By Keith Roach, MD TITLE: Short naps can be a boon for night-shift workers — DEAR DR. ROACH: Naps are … Read more