NY Man Busted For Disability Fraud After Wife Posts His Gym Pics

Here’s another case of being careful what you post online. In this case, when you’re claiming you got on the job and can’t physically do much, you might not want to post pics of yourself doing physical activity. According to his disability application form, this New York state man said he could hardly bend over … Read more

IV Hydration Is the Shot in the Arm We Needed

We just returned from a magical trip to Florida, where myself, my wife Celeste, our daughter Athena, and other family members discovered IV drip hydration therapy, a treatment method in which vitamins, electrolytes and other fluids are delivered directly into your bloodstream through a small IV inserted into your arm. My fluids contained B Complex, … Read more

Here Is The Five-Star Treatment That Closeup Complete Fresh Protection Gives You | Health

A good day begins with a good start. Right? For many years, Closeup toothpaste has given young people a confident start to the day, leaving them with fresh breath and a good feeling from its unique minty sensation. Today, it’s even better. With the introduction of Closeup Complete Fresh Protection, you can step out into … Read more

Brunwick Woman With Breast Cancer Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

There’s a lot to unpack there… Let’s start by telling you a little about Tiffany Jones from Brunswick. She’s 51 years old with a dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on the African continent of Tanzania. It’s the highest peak there at 19,340 feet. She’s never climbed mountains before. Tiffany Jones/FacebookTiffany Jones/Facebook Why climb such an … Read more

Bisman Outdoor Pools Opening Back-Up For Summer Season 💦⛱

Yay! We’re finally getting into those warmer temps – soon summer will be here. And… Summer wouldn’t be complete without a bit of time at our local pools. So, I investigated; I wanted to see when the wait would be over. Parks and Rec Pools: I reached out to Bismarck Parks and Rec; they told … Read more

How Many Dogs Can Someone Legally Have in New Hampshire?

Similar to hoarding old artifacts or clothes, some people hoard pets as a source of comfort. But the difference between collecting old coats and collecting dogs is that the dogs are living, breathing creatures that require care! if you have too many their well being will likely be compromised. And then you have an animal … Read more

Pot Infused Pizza and Other Food Could Become a Thing in New York

Anyone want a slice of pepperoni with cannabis? As state lawmakers continue to scramble with recreational marijuana and its eventual distribution to the public, a few culinary ideas may have sprung. Could the state of New York soon allow cannabis-infused pizza and other food products. as well as packaged edibles sold at local eateries? Looks … Read more

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Episode 3: Good deaths or bad, Nacho makes ultimate sacrifice

For more than six years, ‘Better Call Saul’ has been treating viewers with some of the most thrilling content on television and now that the series is currently airing its sixth and final season, it’s no different. The first two episodes of the ongoing season showed us why it’s not a little brother to ‘Breaking … Read more

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7 Spoilers: Are ‘Three Amigos’ behind Hydra mask? Here are clues

After earning the infamous reputation of being the worst guesser on the judging panel of ‘The Masked Singer’, it looks like Season 7 might be the season of redemption for Ken Jeong. The ‘Community’ star left everybody both shocked and surprised when he managed to correctly guess the identity of Lemur as supermodel/ entrepreneur Christie … Read more

Stellar Health Center for First Responders Opens in Hamilton, NJ

There’s a new, unique health center in Hamilton Township focused on helping those who constantly put themselves aside to help all of us…first responders. This one-of-a-kind program is now open, and it’s not only for first responders, but their families as well, according to Licensed Professional Counselor, Lisa Fasanella. It’s called the First Responder Partnership … Read more