Binge drinking is a slippery slope

Not to mention the outward symptoms like: acne, redness on your nose and palms and dry, wrinkled skin that makes you look older. And drinking during pregnancy can lead to a host of problems for the child, like facial abnormalities and developmental deficits. “A lifetime of misery” for the little one, as Dr. Zasada puts … Read more

Bradley Cooper Opens Up About Being “Addicted to Cocaine” in His Twenties

Bradley Cooper credits Will Arnett with helping get his life on the right track after struggling with cocaine addiction throughout his twenties. The actor appeared on the latest episode of the SmartLess podcast hosted by Arnett, Jason Batemanand Sean Hayes where he got candid about his past, his career, and his journey towards sobriety. Cooper … Read more

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Kathleen Buhle Details Years of His Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Infidelity in New Memoir If We Break

In her new memoir If We Break, Kathleen Buhle doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of her 24-year marriage to Hunter Biden and the ramifications it had on both her own mental health and that of their three daughters, Naomi, Finneganand Maisy. In the book, Buhle shares that she first began noticing Hunter’s drinking … Read more

Kentucky shatters its fatal overdose record; fentanyl blamed

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Fatal drug overdoses rose nearly 15% in Kentucky last year, surpassing 2,000 deaths as the increased use of fentanyl — a powerful synthetic opioid — resulted in a record death toll in the state, according to a report released Monday. The report showed that 2,250 Kentuckians died from drug overdoses in 2021 … Read more

A&E’s ‘Intervention’ Returns This Month, But Some Addiction Experts Wish It Wouldn’t

Now, at 33, Mazziotti has been off heroin for three years. She says she’s on Suboxone, a form of medication-assisted treatment, and plans to taper down until she is off that too. Even after filming stopped, her time on the show left an impact. Maziotti says she felt her family deceived her; the experience strained … Read more

Parts of the brain form a circuit that may fuel smoking addiction

Some smokers lose their cravings after experiencing damage to specific areas of the brain, suggesting these areas form a network that somehow fuels the habit Health 13 June 2022 By Clare Wilson Human brain scans Shutterstock A brain circuit involved in addiction has been identified after researchers analysed smokers who immediately lost their nicotine cravings … Read more

A Cautionary Tale of Addiction

I bet you or someone you know bought a meme stock or meme coin in the past year. It was all the rage and probably induced some feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out). Even if you weren’t involved, you probably saw a headline on the news or even browsed r/wallstreetbets to see what was … Read more

Online opioid treatment startup Bicycle Health raises $50 million

Bicycle Health, a start up focused on virtual treatment for opioid addiction, raised a $50 million Series B round, founder and CEO Ankit Gupta tells Axios exclusively, bringing the company’s total funding to $83 million. Why it matters: New data suggest a 15% rise in opioid overdose deaths during the pandemic, and research shows the … Read more

UCLA psychologist looks for new ways to treat alcohol addiction

Lara Ray, professor of psychology at UCLA, has been studying alcohol use disorders since long before the COVID-19. In 2008, she established the UCLA Addictions Lab to research medications and other treatments for those who want to quit or reduce their drinking. But a spike in alcohol consumption during the pandemic has brought substance abuse … Read more

Former meth addict finds new life with help from Webster Co. drug treatment court

MARSHFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The Webster County Drug Treatment Court is joining more than 4,000 treatment court programs nationwide that are celebrating National Drug Court Month. The premise is simple. Rather than allowing people with years of addiction problems and criminal records to keep cycling through the justice system and put back in jail, how … Read more