Recovery Mobile Clinic aims to make services more accessible in Monroe

Melissa Manczak (left), a family nurse practitioner and Toni Stec, medical assistant, help patients suffering from substance abuse in the Recovery Mobile Clinic that visits Monroe regularly.  Provided by Katie Tibai
Vivitrol is a monthly injection treatment.  It is non-addictive and assists in the battle against opioid and substance addictions.  Provided by Katie Tibai

Oaks of Righteousness has partnered with Recovery Mobile Clinic to bring stability and hope to the fight against alcohol and substance addiction in Monroe County.

Jordana Latozas, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and President of the Recovery Mobile Clinic (RMC), founded the company in February, 2020 and first brought it to Monroe as a mobile service that June.

A permanent clinic was established at the Oaks in January of this year. RMC mostly operates out of RVs and mobile homes, but Monroe is becoming the pilot program for a permanent location. It was primarily chosen based on an observed need for treatment.

“The goal is to make medical assisted treatment for alcohol and opioid abuse more accessible,” Latozas said.

“I am so excited for this program,” added Oaks Pastor Heather Boone. “I think this is going to be a game-changer for Monroe. Super excited that God opened this door.”

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