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DELRAY BEACH, Fla., March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Reco Intensive, an addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, Floridahas begun accepting court-ordered patients into drug rehab by the Marchman Act so that families and friends can help their loved ones get the support they need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

The Marchman Act is a Florida law that allows more clear headed loved ones and other associates of individuals whose substance use disorder has made them incapable of making reasonable decisions to petition the court and order them into involuntary addiction treatment.

Reco Intensive also offers specialized intervention services that can help guide families through the process of confronting a loved one about their addiction, and of initiating a Marchman Act petitioning if less drastic methods of confrontation fail.

“Getting help can be scary. For those deep in the throes of addiction, it can be particularly challenging to make clear-headed decisions about pursuing recovery,” says Brian GreenblottDirector of Community Outreach at Reco Intensive.

“The Marchman Act allows loved ones to facilitate court mandated addiction treatment. Our facility helps families navigate this law so we can help even those in the midst of the severest addiction find healing.”

Enacted in 1993, the Marchman Act was created for those who lack reasonable decision making power due to substance abuse. According to the law, medical professionals, spouses, guardians and friends can petition the court to help their loved one in a variety of ways, including: emergency assistance, temporary detention and involuntary drug or alcohol treatment.

While many drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the area are aware of the act, few go so far as to help loved ones navigate the specifics of the law. Reco Intensive bridges this gap by working directly with families to help their loved one get the customized support that they need.

“It’s all about knowing your options,” Greenblott continues, “We work with a specialized legal team so that you understand your rights, understand the process, and help ensure your loved one is getting the life-saving help they need.”

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