Queen Elizabeth’s Garlic Ban at Palace Has Twitter Wondering about ‘Cross, Holy Water’

Let’s etch it as a fact now that being a member of the royal family is not easy. Behind all the comfort and royalty is a wide and complex nexus of rules and regulations that the members are bound to follow. While some rules merge right in, some stand out as strange and bizarre, raising questions about their existence in the royal rule book. One such rule, although already known, does not fail to raise brows whenever it surfaces in front of the public eye.

According to the rule, no member of the royal family is allowed to eat garlic and onions, as per Scottish Daily Express. Though it is still not crystal clear if it is the hatred for the condiment or a well-thought decision, garlic is prohibited in Buckingham Palace. Now, Twitter has decided to come up with their own “theories.”

Or it could just be the following:

The rule was long rumoured but the speculations were dusted off when the duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, appeared on MasterChef Australia. When asked about the dietary restrictions in the royal family, Bowles said, “I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no,” as per a report by Newsweek.

The rule was also confirmed by Darren McGrady who used to work as a royal chef at Buckingham Palace for roughly 15 years. Talking to Recipes Plus, Darren said, “The queen would never have garlic on the menu. According to him, the staff was banned from serving anything with garlic or too many onions.

Multiple media reports suggest that the real reason why such a rule is abided by, by the royal family is that the royal family has to meet a lot of people. They talk, chat, and meet people and so, to avoid the possibility of a bad breath, the royal family members are not allowed to eat garlic or onions.

The royal family and the United Kingdom are all set to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee on June 2, and to mark the occasion, a four-day bank holiday will be observed, along with celebratory events across the country.

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