Politicians should Keep the National Interest Supreme

The outcome of the no-trust motion against the Prime Minister is not too far as it will be decided in the next few days. There will be one loser and one winner in this entire game. Irrespective of the result of the motion against the Prime Minister, one thing is clear this whole process has severely damaged the repute of our politicians. The people of Pakistan are fed up with the politicians and their lust for power. The way the politicians changed their loyalties in the name of their conscious is not good for the country and democracy. They were badly exposed in front of the public.

In western democracies, a no-confidence motion is a routine matter but our politicians have polled this simple process while also damaging the trust of people for democracy. Everyone is thinking about his petty issue. It is talk of the town these days that everyone is deciding according to the voice of his conscious. Why they don’t pay any heed to the national interest of the country? They are telling a lie when they claim that they will decide keeping in view the national interest supreme. They will only decide what will suit them to protect their money. Being a student of politics, I request all the politicians not to further taint our politics only for their personal gains as the outside world is already mocking us. This political instability is damaging our country and the time has come that sanity should now end this crisis. Pakistan will be on the path of progress when these politicians will take decisions according to the national interest of the country and not for their personal gains. Their conscious should be synchronized with the national interest of the country instead of the looted wealth.

The sensitivity demands that our politicians should think of Pakistan and say goodbye to this politics of money.

The sensitivity demands that our politicians should think of Pakistan and say goodbye to this politics of money. They should work tirelessly for the respect and glory of Pakistan as this will also be good for their personal repute. Everyone is busy these days to defame his rival. The loyalties of politicians are being bought through hefty amounts. Instead of getting involved in this whole saga of the no-confidence motion, everyone should announce no-confidence against the enemy of Pakistan. Instead of wasting energy and money no no-trust motion, everyone should repose the trust in the armed forces of Pakistan. Everyone should play his role to further strengthen the Pakistan Army instead of wasting time in such futile exercises. Everyone should stand firmly behind the Pakistan Army to foil all the nefarious designs of our enemy. There should be an unanimous stance of our politicians for the development of Balochistan. The politicians should work this way that people of Pakistan start believing that their representatives really think about them. They should work diligently to get relief for the people of Pakistan from rampant inflation and unemployment.

Every Pakistani is seeing that a ‘black market’ is at its peak in the country these days. Someone is accusing his rival that he has sold his loyalty in return for money. Someone is asking for a guarantee of party tickets in the next election in return for selling his loyalty. The politicians are on sale in this open market and no one really cares about the people of Pakistan. The politicians are claiming that they are making decisions according to their conscious but the reality is totally different. They are making decisions according to the money, party tickets and ministries being offered to them. Where is their conscious when they have to decide on the national interest of the country?

The time demands that everyone should unite for this country. The political instability always leads towards economic instability that Pakistan cannot afford in these circumstances. It is a humble request to these politicians to get united for the sake of this country as there is an international network of conspiracies against Pakistan. The international world is changing while many significant developments are also taking place in the region. India is also hatching conspiracies against Pakistan and therefore we all should get united to keep an eye on the worst enemy. Just recently, India fired a missile on the territory of Pakistan. It wasn’t a mistake as it was part of a well-orchestrated conspiracy. India fired the missile at a time when our politicians were busy mudslinging. Modi wanted to check the response of Pakistan at this time. Thanks to Almighty that the defense of Pakistan is in safe hands regardless of the ongoing political situation of the country. Pakistan was saved due to the vigilance of our army. Our politicians should also show some courage to respond to India in a befitting manner. They all should launch a verbal attack on India instead of fighting with each other. A unanimous message must be sent to India by our politicians that we all are united whenever there will be any foreign aggression against our homeland. This attitude of our politicians will also strengthen the democracy and their respect will be increased in the people’s hearts.

Pakistan is our homeland that we got it after rendering thousands of sacrifices and therefore it is our moral duty to defend it at any cost. There is a dire need that our politicians should shun personal differences only for the sake of this country’s development and progress.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.

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