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Aswang, diwata, and other creatures of Philippine mythology play a key role in the upcoming issues of Lovecraftian horror comic book series “Miskatonic High.”

“Miskatonic High” issues 14 and 15 are two parts of a story entitled “The Gift of the Diwata,” which follows half-Pinay high schooler Ren Santos as she returns to the Philippines to find her missing mother.

Ren’s adventure takes her to a remote Philippine village that has been gripped by evil since her grandfather’s passing. Vanquishing darkness takes more than stabbing a manananggal with a bamboo knife, however; To save her loved ones, she’ll have to uncover her family’s secret and her connection to everything that’s happening in the area.

Thankfully, like the other heroes of “Miskatonic High,” Ren isn’t your average teenager. She can see ghosts and peer into people’s memories—gifts she needs to take advantage of if she’s to determine the truth about her grandfather, the albularyo who once protected the village.

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Ren doesn’t have to battle the forces of darkness alone, either. She is accompanied by her schoolmate Simon, who learns the hard way that not all babies are cute.

“Miskatonic High: The Gift of the Diwata” also takes time to show us what’s going on with other characters back in the US. The series has always done an excellent job of managing the tricky balancing act between pursuing the main plot and giving us delicious side stories, and in this regard, issues 14 and 15 are no different. The result is a universe that feels interconnected and very much alive.

We also get a glimpse of what to expect in future issues, such as the supernatural challenges waiting for our unlike heroes and the blossoming relationship between the school’sliest pair.

Created by American writer Mike Shea and Filipino artist Ryan Mendoza, “Miskatonic High” combines Lovecraftian horror with Archie-style mischief. It follows a group of teenage students as they navigate the perils of high school and cosmic terrors of the Lovecraftian variety.

Photo: Miskatonic High

Photo: Miskatonic High

Ren isn’t the only “Miskatonic High” student with strange abilities. For instance, there’s Alex, who’s training to be a witch. Sarah is related to rats, Anton’s an actual ghost, and Simon is a know-it-all who might one day rock a wicked beard and the power to kill you with bad breath.

Previous issues had our teen heroes tangling with fish-people, space goats, cultists, dinosaurs, and lots and lots of tentacles. The series first explored Ren’s Filipino heritage back in issue 3.

All past issues of “Miskatonic High” were successfully Kickstarted. The Kickstarter for “Miskatonic High” issue 14 starts this March 22.

To learn more about “Miskatonic High,” visit its official Facebook page, Twitterand website.

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