Counselor worries new bill will increase gambling addiction

MOORESVILLE, NC — A bill legalizing mobile sports betting is getting support from North Carolina lawmakers. It’s already passed the state senate, and Gov. Roy Cooper is expressing his support. But not everybody is on board. What You Need To Know The North Carolina Senate passed a bill legalizing gambling in 2021. A similar bill … Read more

Incident Commander Hoping COVID Turns from Pandemic to Endemic

KGVO News spoke to Missoula City County Health Department COVID Incident Commander Cindy Farr for the first time in several weeks on Thursday for a wide ranging update. Farr began with current Missoula vaccination numbers. “First we can talk about vaccination and where we’re at,” Farr began. “We know that to get herd immunity, we … Read more

Is There a Dark Side to Taking Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements stretch back to as long ago as the mid-20th century. Back then vitamins were being isolated so that they could aid in patients’ health and recovery. Now though, the list of supplements is almost endless. Not only are there still vitamin tablets and sweets for children, but there are energy drinks and protein … Read more

Wisconsin’s statewide alcohol deaths rose nearly 25% in 2020, FdL County saw similar trends | News

Wisconsin experienced a nearly 25% increase in alcohol-induced deaths in 2020, the biggest one-year increase since 1999. That’s according to a January report from Wisconsin Policy Forum, a nonpartisan research organization that found the increase “exacerbated a trend that warrants consideration of underlying causes and appropriate policy responses.” The study found that the 24.5% increase … Read more

From opioid addiction to COVID-19 cases, how community health workers are responding to Utah’s health crises

‘Part of our expertise is knowing the communities we serve,’ said a community health worker. (Chris Samuels | The Salt Lake Tribune) Nisi La’a delivers a bag containing COVID-19 at-home tests, masks, a thermometer and pulse oximeter to a home Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2022. La’a is a community health care worker with Pacific Island Knowledge … Read more