Ketamine and psychological therapy helped severe alcoholics abstain for longer in trial — ScienceDaily

People with severe alcohol disorder were able to stay off alcohol for longer when they were treated with low doses of ketamine combined with psychological therapy in a clinical trial. The Ketamine for reduction of Alcohol Relapse (KARE) trial was led by the University of Exeter and funded by the Medical Research Council. The phase … Read more

Toothpaste Market Size, Share & Growth Worth USD 40,766.21 Mn by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.7% Reported By The Insight Partners

Dental Issues in Geriatric and Pediatric Population to Escalate Toothpaste Market Growth NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2022 / — According to our latest market study on “Toothpaste Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis – by Type [Sensitivity, Whitening (Anti-Cavity and Others), Herbal/ Natural, Smokers, and Medicated], End-user (Adult and … Read more

Melatonin use for sleep is on the rise, side effects may be dangerous

Share on PinterestNew research finds that US adults took twice as much melatonin for sleep in 2018 than they did a decade before. stock_colors/Getty Images A good night’s sleep is essential for good physical health, cognitive performance, and emotional functioning. Numerous sleep studies have documented these facts over time. More and more adults are taking … Read more

‘Trading is gambling, no doubt about it’ – how cryptocurrency dealing fuels addiction | Cryptocurrencies

Steven has lost more bitcoin than most people will ever own. Raised on the remote Shetland archipelago, he left school at 13 to become a trawlerman before moving into construction, eventually earning £85,000 a year digging tunnels for Crossrail. Despite his self-made success, compulsive cryptocurrency trading, alcohol and drug use took over his life. In … Read more

10 Sneaky Signs You May Have Heart Disease

Andre Rucker Chances are you’re aware of the classic signs of a heart attack: the crushing chest pain, the shortness of breath. But what about heart disease? This killer doesn’t always strike with a big bang; Some indicators of ticker trouble are far less obvious than others. Here are 10 little-known signs that you may … Read more

7 Ways to Make Your Relationship Stronger

Romantic relationships take work during the best of times, but the pandemic has created a unique set of challenges — and opportunities — for many couples. For some, the past two years have meant forced togetherness in cramped quarters, more fighting and shifting priorities. But studies show it hasn’t been all bad. About one-third of … Read more

Sleep Disorders Functional Medicine Near Me — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 — Santa Clarita Radio

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Sleep disorders do not always manifest in the form of loud snoring or restless leg movements. Sometimes they come in the form of insomnia and other times appear as sleep apnea – a condition that causes breathing to stop enough to disrupt restful sleep. It is crucial to sleep well and … Read more

To research addiction, Brown senior Eve Glenn is combining empathy with cutting-edge brain science

PROVIDENCE, RI [Brown University] — Eve Glenn is on a mission to better understand addiction and to help create more effective treatments for alcohol and substance use disorders. Glenn, a senior at University, split her time growing up between Germany and Florida, and Brown will witness a number of friends fall into substance use dependencies. … Read more