Woman creates a tiny barbershop on wheels

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis.— Mandy Jane Ashenfelter said even through the tough times, she is thankful she created The Hair Hut three years ago. “I am not in this to get rich,” she said. “If I was, I wouldn’t be here, but I’m so thankful and it’s worth it.” Inside what looks like a tiny home … Read more

Tryp Targets Patent In Bid To Battle Binge Eating Disorder With Psilocybin

Deep-rooted psychological factors are often at the core of eating disorders, and psilocybin is showing promise. As treatment advances, Tryp Therapeutics developed psilocybin-based compounds that could bypass the problems of dosage, and filed for a new provisional patent for the use of psilocybin in treating Binge Eating disorder (BED). Among all eating disorders, BED is … Read more

Treatment for Addiction to Prescription Pain Pills

Tom, 72, has suffered from chronic back pain for decades. He found some relief after a back surgery in the mid-1990s, but within a few years the pain was back and getting progressively worse. Over the years, his doctors prescribed different medications at various doses, but nothing dealt with the pain the way he hoped … Read more

Panel Calls for Integrated Care, Physician Training to Combat Rising Mental Health and Addiction Epidemic

Integrating primary care with behavioral health services, improving provider training on mental health, and policy changes were all noted as strategies to combat the rising mental health and substance abuse epidemic during a keynote session at AHIP 2022. In combating the mental health and substance abuse epidemic, evidence has shown that the integration of behavioral … Read more

How does hydroxyzine interact with cannabis?

Hydroxyzine (available as Vistaril and Atarax) is an antihistamine that can help treat anxiety, allergies, itchy skin, and some rashes. No recent studies have identified potential interactions between hydroxyzine and cannabis, but this does not mean none exist. The two may cause similar side effects, and using them together can intensify those side effects. Hydroxyzine … Read more

A Circuit Causally Linked With Spontaneous Nicotine Addiction Remissions May Be a Powerful Addiction Treatment Target

By studying 129 people who were daily cigarette smokers and addicted to nicotine at the time they suffered brain damage, a team of researchers has believed identified a brain network that they is causally linked with remission from nicotine addiction. Certain “hubs” in this network, the researchers suggest, may be excellent targets for neuromodulation treatments … Read more

Helping others using the experience of his past

39 years ago Randy Grimes was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, playing Center for the Bucs during one of the darkest times in the teams history. Randy Experienced more coaching changes then wins. “It Started in 1983, I remember getting that phone call from coach John McKay, Randy recalls, hey Randy we just … Read more