Moon Knight Delivered the MCU’s Best God in Tawaret

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Season 1, Episode 5, “Asylum,” now available on Disney+.

The deities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are far from benevolent. Odin and the Asgardian pantheon were mostly cruel, while cosmic beings like the Celestials felt cold and harsh. The latter was evident through Eternals‘ Arishem casting judgment on various planets, not to mention Ego was a destroyer. Throw in the intimidating Bast from Black Panther and higher beings such as the Eternals not connecting with humanity on the level they should have, and it’s a rather ominous collection.

This felt like the MCU established a steep learning curve meant to prove to all these powers-that-be that mankind or lesser beings strewn across existence shouldn’t be underestimated. Unfortunately, it also crafted an arrogant and often antagonistic dynamic between pseudo-creators and their subjects. Thankfully Moon Knight has rectified this issue, with Taweret emerging as the MCU’s best god for one major reason: her heart.

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The-hippo goddess was a rare breath of fresh air from the first moment she met Marc Spector and Steven Grant in the afterlife after Arthur Harrow incorrectly shot them. She joked about actually being dead while comforting them in the “asylum” of memories. The way she ushered them into the Duat — educating the duo on the sands that stuck unbalanced souls for all infinity, and what they needed to do to get to Heaven (aka the Field of Reeds) — should have been scary. However, she alleviated that with her unwavering compassion and empathy.

This was unexpected for an MCU deity, especially after Moon Knight‘s other Egyptian gods have been depicted as bitter. Khonshu felt like a user and abuser, while Ammit is the show’s primary antagonist. Taweret, despite being a custodian of the dead and gatekeeper who shouldn’t care where these souls ended up, tried to help Marc and Steven out. She even detailed other realms of the dead, such as the Ancestral Plane, maintaining what was required to balance one’s soul. While she couldn’t break the rules, she still bent them and found loopholes to better assist them. That act of kindness made her feel more human than the other MCU gods and goddesses depicted in other films and TV shows.

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Tawaret’s success was also due to the warm, sprightly voice of actress Antonia Salib. She shaped the goddess’ presence as calming, inviting and reassuring — giving the impression that if Tawaret couldn’t help Marc and Steven physically, she would do so mentally by at least making them feel comfortable. Her character is very welcome after such harsh depictions of higher beings in the MCU over the last decade, which might only be perpetuated once the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder introduces Zeus and his cabal of Greek deities.

Yet by taking the opposite direction, Moon Knight created a cute character that the internet immediately embraced — which could also provide a win for the underrated series off-screen, too. Tawaret’s popularity could lead to merchandising options like toys and created a visual spectacle that was honestly done true justice by Marvel Studios’ CGI team. A truly kind deity, based on style and substance, which fans hope to see more of down the line was exactly what the MCU needed.

See how Taweret breaks the mold in Moon Knight, now streaming on Disney+.


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