Million Dollar Smiles: The Latest in Oral Care

If there’s one thing the internet and beauty world can agree on, it’s that a brighter, whiter set of teeth makes you feel good | Source: BoieUSA

Polishing those pearly whites is not only an everyday practice in hygiene but a million-dollar industry.

From the perfect toothbrush to the most effective plaque destroying toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening strips and everything in between – the oral care market is expected to surpass US$99.78 billion by 2030, according to Precedence Research. A number of factors contribute to this, including an increase in dental disorders and the growing proneness to spend in improving dental aesthetics.

Times of plastic toothbrushes and supermarket toothpaste are gone. Below are some of the products glistening right now on the oral care market.

Twice by Cody & Julian Levine

Founded in 2018 by Cody and Julian Levine as well as Lenny Kravitz, is Twice, the dental care brand with products that market an “immunity rinse”, of the mouth. The toothpaste leaves no tooth untouched, aiming to whiten teeth, balance the pH in the mouth and target conditions like gingivitis.

Twice sets itself apart from other dental products with a delicious flavor of toothpaste, multifunctional benefits in one brush and clean formulas with all-natural ingredients. 1 pack of Cooling Spearmint Toothpaste is available for A$21.26 | Source: Hello Subscription

CO. by Colgate

The chic, holographic packaging is what catches your eye and the no-rense stain remover is what draws you in. CO. by Colgate targeted the Gen-Z beauty enthusiasts and released a series of products including an overnight whitening wand, foaming anti-stain mouth rinse, CO. Worker electric toothbrush and a rechargeable teeth whitening kit.

CO. is more than brushing your teeth every day- it’s a ritual for feeling good. We made this line of products to reimagine your wellness routine.

CO. Colgate.

Monochromatic colors and sleek packaging, CO. has been designed to target the Gen Z. market. The teeth whitening kit is available for A$171.71 | Source: Allure


The Zina45 Deluxe Sonic Pulse Toothbrush has as many luxury features as its name suggests. With a near five-star rating, the toothbrush comes with four different settings for cleaning teeth and a polishing head.

A clean worthy of a dentists’ visit. Available for A$299.45| Source: Supersmile

BURST Water Flosser

Gone are the days of tedious manual flossing and avoiding telling your dentist the last time you actually flossed. Flossing has been simplified with Burst, a supercharged water flosser and 360-degree rotating tip, custom-crafted to reach all corners of your mouth.

The BURST Water Flosser is available for A$93.15 | Source: Real Simple

Ready Set Refresh Gift Set by Keeko

This detox mouth set includes a biodegradable toothbrush, coconut tooth floss and a premium copper tongue scraper. Promising to kill bad breath, detox the mouth and prevent cavities, this Keeko set has all to potentially revolutionize your dental hygiene.

The Keeko Oral Care Set is available for A$28.00 | Source: Keeko Oral Care

Advanced Whitening Enamel Booster

Is your enamel included in your everyday brush and floss? Tooth enamel is corroded every time we drink and eat. The Enamel Booster by Advanced Whitening comes in a pen applicator and is marketed to restore key minerals corroded in our teeth.

Enamel Booster available for A$39.00 | Source: Advanced Whitening

Hismile Color Corrector Serum

The Hismile whitening kit has been a staple in the oral care game for a while now, featuring in a myriad of celebrity Instagram posts.

The newly released V34 color serum brightens teeth with color correcting, non-invasive treatment. The serum works by counterbalancing hues in order to improve the pearly whiteness of your teeth.

V34 Color Corrector is currently available for A$28.00 | Source: Hismile

Moon Dissolving White Strips

Promising seven shades lighter in two weeks, Moons dissolving strips are made with hydrogen peroxide and antioxidants free of parabens. Each pack comes with 56 strips that dissolves in your mouth in just 15 minutes and delivers a no-mess cleanup.

Moon Dissolving Whitening Strips available for A$46.54 | Source:

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Reinventing your everyday oral routine, Bite offers a plastic-free way to replace traditional toothpaste. This renovated toothpaste comes in tablet form and the ingredients are all-natural. A subscription to Bite includes a refillable glass jar and 248 bites of toothpaste to be used twice a day.

Bite chews are available for A$39.91 | Source: Byrdie.

Mastermedi Tongue Scraper

Dehydration, smoking, diet or even lack of sleep can all inflame the little bumps on our tongue and trap an excess amount of debris. The best way to combat a white tongue without irritating it too much is a tongue scraper.

Made from stainless steel, the Mastermedi will do the job of ridding your tongue of excess debris and ending that constant coating of bacteria and stubborn bad breath.

Inclusive of two tongue cleaners, a travel case and stainless steel curved handles, this tongue scraper bundle is designed for superior plaque removal.

The mastermedi tongue scraper is available for A$38.22 | Source: Amazon

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