Matthew McConaughey does 200 push-ups a day to stay fit over 50

Matthew McConaughey is a peculiar person. He’s undoubtedly a sex symbol, even in his 50s, in the eyes of many, but he’s also famous for not leaning heavily into the buff-dude image like other actors such as Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth. This doesn’t mean he’s not into fitness; McConaughey is very much a fitness person, in a Matthew McConaughey-like way.

He doesn’t advertise his workout routine as much as the celebrities mentioned above, but it’s not impossible to find some info on how he trains, especially if you’re as motivated as I am to find out what makes certain celebrities fit. In this particular case, the answer to the question “How can I have a body like Matthew McConaughey?” is “By doing a mix of cardio and bodyweight training.”

Matthew McConaughey’s workout routine

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