Matt Lucas gets ‘really upset’ competing on Celebrity Bake Off after actress pulls out

Comedian Matt Lucas is used to cracking jokes while watching contestants bake, but on tonight’s The Great Celebrity Bake Off he nervously gets judged by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith

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James McAvoy and Matt Lucas do hilarious riff before Celeb Bake Off

Matt Lucas finds himself on the other side of the table on tonight’s The Great Celebrity Bake Off – and ends up getting ‘really upset’

We’re used to seeing the comedian cracking jokes and reading out the challenges while watching the contestants frantically baking.

But he is forced to swap sides during tonight’s celebrity special after one of the famous faces pulled out at the last minute.

As well as getting watched over by fellow presenter Noel Fielding, the Little Britain star had to face criticism from judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

Speaking about his experience, Matt said: “I was forced to bake by my bosses at the last minute when one of the bakers became unavailable. I can’t tell you how happy I was that my humiliation was caught on camera.”

He had to compete with DJ Annie Mac, comedian Ed Gamble and musician Example, who revealed Matt had replaced a former EastEnders actress.

Matt Lucas has to take part in Celeb Bake Off after a famous face pulled out



Musician Example said he was told Martine McCutcheon was taking part



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When asked what happened by presenter Ranvir Singh on Monday’s Lorraine, Example explained that he had been told Martine McCutcheon was due to take part but wasn’t there on the day.

Appearing live from Australia, he said: “I was told it was me, Annie Mac, Ed Gamble and Martine McCutcheon and I got there and Martine McCutcheon wasn’t there.

“So I’m pretty sure that Matt Lucas jumped in at the last minute as obviously he was meant to be one of the presenters.”

The Kickstarts hitmaker praised Matt for stepping in to bake with “no preparation” and revealed it really was a last-minute thing.

“I think fair play to him as a lot of people will think maybe he wanted to do this and he didn’t want to do it as he had no preparation,” explained Example.

“He found out the morning we started filming he was told ‘sorry you’re not going to be presenting today you’re going to be baking’ so he’s the real soldier in all this.”

Matt was very nervous


Channel 4)

Matt and the rest of the celebrities will be competing to win the coveted Star Baker apron while also raising awareness for Stand Up To Cancer.

Although it’s not looking like Matt will be coming out on top if the previews of tonight’s episode are anything to go by.

The presenter turned contestant appears to be struggling with his marzipan and nervously dashes around the famous white tent.

The famous faces are also challenged with an incredible showstopper that represents what they did before they were famous, which obviously produces some rather hilarious results.

In a scathing review of Matt’s attempt at baking, Paul claimed Matt has failed to learn many skills in the kitchen over the last two years as host.

“If you watch, you will realise… no. He has got all the words but nothing to back it up with,” explained Paul. “He knows all the right things, but just can’t put it all in the right order.”

The celebs taking part in this year’s specials


Press Association Images)

Paul confessed that the pressure did get to Matt during the competition and at one stage he got rather upset.

“He was nervous. He got a little bit techy didn’t he? He got really upset because something had gone wrong and it’s funny how it affects people,” said Paul.

“It doesn’t matter where you are from, stick them in the tent, and it all gets a little bit… the tension, it’s like being in an exam or being in the middle of doing your driving test or something, you just might say something stupid or do something stupid.

“I think Matt, it did get to him. You could see. And he knew us, we were friends and he was in a friendly environment, but he was really nervous, bless him.”

Being more diplomatic, fellow judge Prue added: “He didn’t do badly Paul. He had trouble with his marzipan.”

* The Great Celebrity Bake Off airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm

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