Master’s Biggest Unanswered Questions and Plots Holes

WARNING: The following contains mentions of suicide, as well as spoilers for Master, now available on Prime Video.

In Prime Video’s thought-provoking horror on mental health, Master, Regina Hall’s Gail Bishop struggled with her new role as Master/head of Ancaster University in New England. Things on campus got dicey with a young Black student, Jasmine, thinking she was haunted by the spirit of a witch, Margaret.

The story quickly blurred the lines between fiction and reality, though, leaving Gail uncertain what was really happening and what ultimately drove Jasmine to take her own life. The movie ended with Gail abandoning her post, but there were some unanswered questions left hanging.

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Was The Witch Real?

Gail wondered if Liv was a liar in Master

Margaret’s spirit claims pushed students to kill themselves, with students of color being the main targets. However, it’s never confirmed it the ghoul was real or if it was just the racist treatment and lack of social justice Jasmine endured that manifested as hallucinations. She was sleep-deprived, alone and stressed by academia, so it may be her mind played tricks on her. However, Gail was hallucinating racist stuff too, thus, there’s a chance the witch was real.

Was The Staff Immortal?

The white staff might have been evil in Master

After Gail confronted the staff for celebrating Liv’s tenure in the wake of Jasmine’s death, she sat down to catch a breath. It got eerie, though, when she saw the guests around her in pictures on the wall looking the same over the decades. It hinted maybe the dead students were sacrifices so these folks would remain immortal. Or it could be metaphorical, with Gail realizing campus would remain steeped in white privilege, pushing her tor quit.

Was Liv Black Or White?

Gail wondered if Liv was a liar in Master

Gail’s beef was that she got intel from Liv’s mom, Esther, that Liv was white. Liv apparently fled the nearby Puritan commune and pretended to be Black, using her biracial look to advance her career. Liv dismissed it, though, reaffirming her dad was Black and claiming Esther cooked up this story out of shame to discredit her. Liv left in a huff, however, without the film confirming her lineage and if she was a cultural appropriator.

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What Happened To Jasmine’s Inner-Circle?

Jasmine died after a haunting in Master

Jasmine was surrounded by white friends at school, with some of them showing unconscious bias or passive aggressive racism. Still, it’s never explained why they didn’t fake support after the hate crimes, or why they didn’t visit her in the hospital after the witch allegedly caused her to fall out of her window. It’s also never revealed where her roommate, Amelia, moved to. She did seem to have drug problems, so rehab might have been due, but nothing was explained other than she was scared of staying with Jasmine.

Who Committed The Hate Crimes?

Seeing that a noose was left in front Jasmine’s door and a cross was burned in the yard KKK-style, one has to assume these tangible things were done by evil people. It’s never explained who did it, if the witch’s ghost possessed human vessels, or if Liv committed these acts. The latter might have been to guilt the school into giving her tenure, which would mean she appropriated Jasmine’s suffering and horrific tragedy.

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What Happened With Jasmine’s Mom?

Jasmine may have been hallucinating in Master

Jasmine emailed her mom for Thanksgiving, lying and saying she was going to a friend’s to celebrate. Instead, she was alone, racking her mind over a bad grade with Liv and the hauntings. However, it’s never confirmed if the mom was alive. Any correspondence might have been all in Jasmine’s mind, with speculation being that the mom’s death was the starting point for Jasmine’s mental fracture. After all, if she were alive, Jasmine would want to tell her she was in trouble, and the mom would have visited her in the hospital.

What Happened To Jasmine’s Crush?

Jasmine may have been hallucinating in Master

Amelia had a crush on Tyler, but he kissed Jasmine at a party. They seemed to have better chemistry, and he was really into her, hinting he’d be her rock to help her through the racism she was enduring. However, Tyler dropped out the film after the party. It’s weird for someone to show so much interest, then to just leave Jasmine to face hate crimes alone.

See all these mysteries remain unsolved in Master, now available to stream on Prime Video.

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