Komi Can’t Communicate: Season 2 Episode 2 “Typhoon”

The second season of Komi Can’t Communicate is underway, and episode 2 is broken down into four adorably cute short stories. The new intro gives a fresh take on the series, providing a first-person view from Komi’s eyes, as she navigates through high school whilst struggling with her crippling social anxiety.

Incapable of talking, Komi relies on the help of Tadano Hitohito and Najimi Osana’s assistance in improving her social skills as she attempts to make 100 friends.

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Viewers catch another glimpse of Komi’s room, as she gets ready for school, completely unaware of the raging typhoon outside. With school canceled, Komi is delighted to cuddle up and watch the rain, but things take a turn for the worst when the power goes out. Terrified and alone, Komi is relieved when Tadano calls, somehow intuitively knowing that something is wrong. The two sit and chat on the phone for a while as Tadano keeps poor Komi company through the storm, while she exercises her vocal cords for a change.

By the afternoon the typhoon has passed and school resumes, however, Ren Yamai has fallen into a deep depression. The reason for her woes? Why, her desire to investigate Komi’s panties, of course. Ren has a brainwave and lures the naive Komi outside, eager to at least catch a glimpse of Komi’s underwear in the reflection on the puddles. In a fevered, unashamed attempt to sneak a peek, Ren finds herself drenched with mud, her needs still unmet, and highly dissatisfied. Luckily, the beauty of a rainbow washes Ren’s depression away, (temporarily) distracting her from the uncouth quest.

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“It’s Just A Fantasy”

Chiarai Shigeo, Sonoda Taisei, and Shinobino Mono give a blow-by-blow analysis of what they think it would be like to date each girl in the class. Tadano overhears and is intrigued to gain insights, but not enough to actually get involved in the conversation. Shigeo starts with Najimi, out on a fantasy date at a carnival, fresh off the rollercoasters. The general consensus is that Najimi is a great catch because dating them would be like “hanging out with a buddy“.

Any fault made by Agari Himiko on an outing would be completely excusable, because, according to the boys, she has more than enough bosom to make up for it. Courting Ren, on the other hand, would require much work and a kick to one’s ego, however, the rewards could potentially be very…satisfying. Surprisingly, Omoharu Nakanaka seems to get the top vote overall, as her video-gaming dates and chilled vibes make for the ideal candidate in their books. All the boys’ eyes, Tadano included, glaze over as they fantasize about that potential companionship.

Yadano Makeru came in a close second with her competitive, fun-loving nature, and Inaka Nokoko is outed as a country girl in the next mirage, which just adds to her already concrete “cute” vote from the boys. Saving the best for last, Komi is up next, however, even within their own imaginations, the boys are still too intimidated by Komi to even conceptualize a hypothetical situation. Tadano, on the other hand, has no issues in dreaming up a happily-married scenario, with a simple meal and playfully arguing over who does the dishes.

“It’s Just A Cat Cafe”

Komi wants to go to a cat cafe, but her usual allies, Tadano and Najimi, cannot accompany her. Tadano suggests that she invite Nene Onemine instead, who (predictably) accepted. Otori Kaede tags along, and Komi gets a taste of her own medicine from the crippling cuteness overload delivered by the cats. Unfortunately, her social awkwardness affects even the felines, who go out of their way to avoid the poor girl.

Komi catches the eye of Chocolat, the ‘boss’ of Cat Cafe with a clear disdain for humans. Initially hostile, even the intimidating black cat’s heart melts while observing Komi and decides to be the first to cuddle her. As it turns out, Tadano was free and willing to take Komi to the Cat Cafe that day, however, he thought it was in her best interest to practice her social skills with other people, and sacrificed a potential date for the sake of Komi’s personal growth.

“It’s Just The ‘I Love You’ Game”

This segment takes a romantic twist when class 1-1 are playing the “I Love You Game”, whereby a declaration of love is made in an attempt to get the recipient to blush or smile, resulting in their loss. Ren is most eager to get Komi involved, and it does not take much persuasion to get the obsessed girl’s confession of unwavering devotion. Komi’s face, however, is set in stone and completely unreactive, until it’s her turn to repeat the phrase back. However, Ren is so overwhelmed with anticipation that she blushes prematurely, ending the game before Komi could get a word out.

The ever-perceptive Najimi pushes Tadano and Komi into a corner, coaxing them to play a round against each other. Convincing the pair that they are “just words,” Tadano works up the courage to begin, blushing furiously in the process. Najimi rules it a loss by default, as anyone who shows embarrassment during the “I Love You Game” is automatically eliminated from competing further. Komi excuses herself politely and breaks down in girly excitement around the corner, her cheeks blossoming with delight at the thought of Tadano’s unsaid words.

It seems that there is some momentum on the Komi-Tadano front, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for the pair to deny their feelings for each other. Komi clearly considers Tadano to be more than a buddy, but the boy seems to have caused a self-inflicted friend-zone wound on his confidence, unable to see the effects that he has on her. The cynical Tadano doesn’t automatically assume he is of much romantic importance to Komi, even though he has been the first she turns to in many instances.

New episodes of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 will air weekly on Netflix, with episode 3 due to release on 11 May 2022.

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