Julia Fox has already spoken of her addiction amid Azealia Banks row

The Instagram row between Julia Fox and Azealia Banks has become a public affair, turning attention on Julia’s admitted drug addiction.

The Uncut Gems The actress is all over the media following her public break-up with rapper Kanye West despite recently attending Paris Fashion Week together.

Julia’s name has been trending on social media after screenshots of alleged conversations with rapper Azealia Banks were spread online.

In one of the them, Azealia brought up the actress’ past drug addiction, which Julia has been publicly open about.

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Julia Fox and Azealia Banks row explored

Julia Fox and Azealia Banks got involved in a heated exchange on Instagram after Julia’s split from Kanye West.

As reported by Metro, Azealia alleged Julia’s relationship with the Stronger singer was a “PR stunt”.

“What did you hustle him for? A bag and some Lucien’s?” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “You absolutely did not come up because if this is how women who ‘always date billionaires’ behave when s**t goes south, threatening tell-all books… you can kiss your days as a low-rate escort goodbye, sis.”

In the same Instagram post, Azealia also addressed Julia’s previous drug addiction.

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Julia Fox has spoken of her addiction

The Uncut Gems star has been candid about her drug addiction and revealed she suffered a heroin overdose as a teenager.

In a 2020 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she admitted some of the people she grew up with had struggled with addiction too.

“It’s kind of a miracle I’m okay because a lot of the people I grew up with aren’t doing so well,” Julia told the outlet. They’re still on drugs or in jail. A lot of them died.”

Speaking to New Yorker in July 2021, Julia revealed she was sober following her past struggles.

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Actress responds to claims

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Julia responded to Azealia’s claims and wrote: “I’m open about my issues with addiction because I want to destigmatise it! Not al [sic] addicts are ‘junkies’.

“And I’ve also been open about my recovery journey!!! But nobody wants to mention that, right? If this troll says one more thing about my parenting or son…

“I was too nice to her cuz I felt sorry for her but now I realise why she spends all the holidays alone. Nobody wants that energy sis!!!”

We hope the two stars settle their differences soon.

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