Is It Just A Little Weird To Still Have Christmas Stuff Out?

Every year, there are always the hold outs….

I drive by a house every day in Hampden that still has their holiday decorations out on their lawn. Inflatable Santas, a Nativity scene, holiday Peanuts characters…. The whole enchilada. They don’t light them up year round, but if you drive by in June or September, you’ll still see the stuff on the lawn. They just never tear it down.

As one person put it, “my wife hasn’t told me to take them down enough times yet.” I feel that….

But one new Mainer on Reddit was a bit baffled as to why there are still plenty of people who still have Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations still out, and in active use. So they took to Reddit and sort of asked if this was normal? Redditors shared their opinions, of course.

Personally, I thought it was practically a Maine tradition…

In my house growing up, we left the tree up until well after New Years. Sometimes even edging right up to February. The tree is so nice, and gives off such a nice ambiance, why would you want to take it down. Some people don’t. My aunt leaves it up year round, and just switches out the ornaments to fit the holiday at hand.

And really, a lot of people do love their outdoor lights. Everyone in the thread basically all said it’s what we Mainers do. Some out of love of the holidays, or as one person put it, “my wife hasn’t told me to take them down enough times yet.” I feel that…. As a procrastinating husband, there’s a minimum number of times I have to be asked to do something, or it just doesn’t feel right.

Of course, it’s all about personal choice. Again, some folks just love it, and other are just lazy. Which is pretty much the meaning of life, right? One person’s weird is another person’s awesome. I say embrace the weird. It makes life way more fun. And then people ask on Reddit why you’re so crazy. It completes the circle of life in Maine…


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