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If you’ve been following the war in Ukraine, it’s hard not to be inspired by the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has become a hero in the eyes of many for standing up for his people, democracy and his country against a ruthless invasion by Russia.

His bravery is inspiring. So it seems like a good time to talk about courage.

For April, please share a six-word story about a time when you were brave. Please make it a story with a beginning, middle and end — not six adjectives. Make us laugh or cry or at the very least feel something.

Here’s my brave moment — asking you to please follow these simple rules.

If you want your story to run in the IJ, please:

• Write “Six-word story” in the subject line

• Send one story. Just one

• Include your full name and Marin town in the body of the email

• Write your short story in the body of the email

• Use proper punctuation

• Use sentence style on one line (not all uppercase/lowercase)

• Use correct spelling

• It does not need to rhyme and ideally shouldn’t

• Do not submit six adjectives; that is not a story

Send to lifestyles@marinij.com by April 15. Then look for your story in the April 26 lifestyles section and online.

Last month we asked readers to share a short tale of what’s bringing them joy. Here’s what they had to say.

Nature, music and comedy generate joy. — Jacqui Haber, Lagunitas

Composing a musical comedy titled, Nextdoor. — Mary Geving, Woodacre

Joy? As always, family, family, family. — Lucy MacSwain, San Rafael

Spending time with grandma eating chocolate. — Kendall Johnson, Larkspur

Joy is elusive in these times. — Karin Granados, San Rafael

Inhale fragrance of crushed bay leaves. — Susan Savage, Novato

When flowers bloom, so do I. — Sharon Eide, Novato

Marriage during COVID survived, even thrived. — Janice Kohnhorst, San Rafael

One flower on dead quince bush. — Erika Zettl, Forest Knolls

Breeze ruffles my hair: new day. — Jane Ferguson, Mill Valley

Family is my candle in darkness. — Lauren Scott Swalberg, San Anselmo

Awaiting Vicki Larson’s next story subject. — Jonathan Frieman, San Rafael

Bad breath is blocked by masks. — Karen Arnold, San Rafael

Obtaining a divine sense of being. — Christopher Renai, San Rafael

Flipping-off anti-vaxxers on the pedestrian overcrossing. — David Curtis, Novato

Reading IJ columnists Dreskin and Gedney. — Jean Berensmeier, Lagunitas

Soft green leaves surprise my hand. — Anila Manning, Novato

The quiet brought by day’s end. — Amanda Wells, Novato

Meeting new exciting friends, so inspiring — Esther Cherk, Mill Valley

Redwoods’ Seniors for peace corner harmony. — Dart Cherk, Mill Valley

The SGVCC staff’s senior tea party. — Diane Cokely, San Anselmo

Hanging out with my dog ​​Freddie. — Roger Gordon of Mill Valley

Pink Martini, “Amado Mio,” I’m dancing! — Gailya Morrison, Lucas Valley

Joy: Flowers blooming, birds still singing. — Kathy Barrass, San Rafael

Joy is being on permanent vacation. — Linda Rose, San Rafael

Dinner and conversation with dear friends. — Dyan Pike, Greenbrae

Mask-less faces smiling back at you. — Davi Gainer, Mill Valley

Blue skies between raindrops bring joy. — Billie Forer, San Rafael

Seagull and me praying at sea. — Spirit Lynn Wiseman, Fairfax

Time to redefine the word joy. — Katherine Ware, Belvedere

Driving my Porsche at 120 mph. — Howard Foster, San Rafael

Vision inward, learning more about myself. — Marilyn Bagshaw, Santa Venetia

Being together with friends in person. — Gail Cassee, Mill Valley

Friends and family enjoying music outdoors — Heidi Mayer, Novato

Dark I wander into beauty unknowing. — Michael Hagerty, Novato

Photographing, sharing local wildlife; neighbors smile. — Norm Levin, San Rafael

Substitute teaching in our Marin schools.– Clifford Waldeck, Mill Valley

Connecting community at my yoga studio. — Bethany Miller, Novato

My being grumpy makes me happy. — George Melchior, Novato

Love love as love is Love. — David Russell Miller, Novato

Marine’s early spring, nowhere more beautiful. — Elaine Johnson, Greenbrae

Joy: spontaneously free to be me. — Marian Jung, San Rafael

Joy watching our spring garden bloom. — Patrick Ritter, San Rafael

Stop relief. Masks, vaccinations. Start relief. — Pamella Cavanna, San Rafael

Feral cat eating out of hand. — Meredith Browning Griffin, Tiburon

Listening, “Ode to Joy.” Thanks Beethoven. — Gerald Freedman, Mill Valley

We retired and adopted rescue kittens. — Janice Burke, Novato

Planning and starting my flower farm. — Kirsten Norstad, Corte Madera

Grandson stands poolside. Splash smile sunshine. — Christy Pollak Novato

Music and dance enhance my mood. — Sarah Weller Leipsic, San Rafael

Planning spring summer planting traveling health. — Pam Berkon, Novato

The hundreds of trees in bloom. — Eugenio Massoni, Mill Valley .

Quilting, walking, birdwatching bring me joy. — Arlene Hansen, Novato

Sitting under manzanita snow flowers, buzz. — Jeanne Santangelo, Novato

Nature and family bring me joy. — Madeline Kellner, Novato

Receiving the Starlite rotating picture frame. — Mary Lou Hayward, Novato

New puppy, unconditional love, pure joy. — Judy Johnson, Novato

Meeting with discharge nurse at Novato Community Hospital. — Connie Morse, Inverness

Spotting beauty, snapping photos, Instagram share. — Linda Varonin, Corte Madera

Joy in May. Tax season over. — Kathy Lococo, San Anselmo

Daffodils, birdsong, flowering cherry, Adi’s smile. — Ron Skellenger, Woodacre

Response to Kondo: hoarding sparks joy. — Dan Krimm, San Rafael

Up the mountain, high happiness lies. — Jane Ross Mill Valley

Joy in friendships; phones notes reality. — Nancy Greenfield, Larkspur

Son and future daughter’s May wedding. — Shannon Alten, San Rafael

The sun rises before I do. — John Byrne Barry, Mill Valley

Grandmother’s fun camp! Kids inserted “Fun.” — Pierrette Montroy, San Rafael

Sunny skies, birds singing, kittens playing. — Shirley Gottesman, Greenbrae

New appreciation of what really matters — Dave Lenzi, Corte Madera

Getting the crossword right on Friday. — Brigid Richards, San Rafael

Six hours of sun is wonderful. — Ann Lewis, Larkspur

Teaching granddaughters to cook on Zoom. — Marty Barry, Novato

Gathering loved ones again, pure happiness. — Wyna J. Barron, Marin City

Emptiness filled by unplanned rescue dog. — John King, San Rafael

My Bob brings me great joy. — Cheryl Howard, San Rafael

Fighting pneumonia; new puppy brings joy. — Clive Endress, San Rafael

Making pop-up cards with my friend. — Larkin Sylvester, Woodacre

Twenty-five alphabetical joys. No “x” yet. — Kay Noguchi, Terra Linda

COVID cat, causing deep smile lines. — Carolyn golden, Fairfax

Children in the ballet studio again. — Laurie Klein, San Geronimo

Daily laughs keep the clouds away. — David Anderson, Larkspur

Spring wildflowers make my heart skip. — Elaine Goldman, San Rafael

Carole’s chopped liver. Comfort food. Bliss. — Susan Mines, Terra Linda

Three cheers for visits from family. — Sue Beittel, San Rafael

Pink tulips, slow dancing, my joy. — Valerie Jelenfy Stilson, San Rafael

I joyfully welcome spring’s migrating birds. — Susan Bishop Chukerman, Novato

Laughable burglar bear; Hank the Tank. — Pamela Lunstead, Novato

Nature’s gift to distressed world, spring. — Doris Law Bagley, San Rafael

Family, friends, and Marin County home. — Margarida da Silva, Novato

Daughter arriving from East, such joy. — Michael Vogel, Mill Valley

New female Labrador puppy for Christmas. — Charlotte Winters, Corte Madera

Being alive and feeling the sun. — Jeff Slavitz, Tiburon

Green hills are always so uplifting. — Eric Wilcox, Kentfield

Newly retired wife. Spending time together. — Sam Fleeger, Marin City

Resuming therapy dog ​​visits. Bringing comfort. — Katie Meier, Greenbrae

Morning coffee, sweetheart by my side. — Glenda Corning, Corte Madera

Grandsons Nicholas, Nathan bring me joy. — Frank Ridley, San Rafael

My grandson’s wedding in Montana snow. — Annabelle Wasserman, San Rafael

Giant puppy paws joyfully runny everywhere. — Bonnie MacKenzie, San Rafael

COVID baby, COVID toddler, abundant delight. — Yvonne Nolan, Fairfax

Adopted stray cat. Loved beyond words. — Alezz Laielen, San Rafael

A donated kidney will bring joy. — Carole Bonhomme, Greenbrae

Four-hand piano with Gabe, my Schroeder. — Philip Hicks, San Anselmo

Lights down, curtain rises, performance begins. — Philip Mayard, Corte Madera

Seven years daily, pooch brings smiles. — Janine A Bradley, Novato

Pandemic, war, pain everywhere. Daffodils bloom. — Mary Quinlan, San Rafael

Not much, considering our current world. — Hank Simmonds, Kentfield

Remembering: good times with dear George. — Ann Woodward, Greenbrae

Dog wags tail when I approach. — Robin Keeney, San Rafael

Precious grandson Fletcher Farovitch, age 3. — Roberta Steiner, San Rafael

My son, my daughter, my grandchildren. — Annabel Kellerman, San Rafael.

Two adult grandsons living in San Francisco. — Gay Harris, Tiburon

Indian princess smiles at me walking. — Nanette Zavala, Mill Valley:

Lessons learned today will blossom tomorrow. — Glenn Dizon, San Rafael

More light each and every day. — Wendy Miller, Belvedere

Zumba dance, abundant joy, stronger body. — Jill Engelbrecht, Corte Madera

Dutch and Josephine, the best dogs. — Terry Bremer, San Rafael

“Grandma, grandma!” I turn to goo. — Cyretta Chaput. San Rafael

Grandchildren, handwritten letters, cherry blossoms: poetry. — Maura Harvey, San Rafael

Happiness is getting up each day. — Mary Ann Gallardo, San Rafael

Visiting Kogers East after two years. — Jim Koger, San Rafael

Solving Wordle puzzle in three tries. — Rochelle Newman , San Anselmo

Love, good health, family and friends. — David Reinstein, San Anselmo

Connecting with family, friends and community. — David Leipsic, San Rafael

Neighbor cat brings me such love. — Madeleine King, Fairfax

Jesus calling, “eyes on me, dear.” — Gigi Bibeault, Terra Linda

Hiking Mount Tam, joy in nature. — Richard Schneider, San Rafael

Our new nasal spray kills coronavirus. — Francis Parnell, Ross

Social justice, rowing, brought special friendship. — Barbara Rowe, Mill Valley

Friends with neighbors Keiko and Beth. — Karin Conn – San Rafael

Disabled daughter’s suffering, now better understood. — Caroline McKinnon, Novato

Daughter’s joyful laughter, touches our hearts. — Deborah Salisbury, Terra Linda

Visiting family in UK after COVID. — Beverley Massoni, Mill Valley

Commute train regular schedules brings smiles. — Veda Flores, San Anselmo

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