Getting a Washington Divorce Online? FAQ and Answers

Getting a Washington divorce online sounds incredibly appealing to many people. It costs less because you don’t need lawyers. This solution works well with people who have already agreed on their divorce and have an amiable relationship. Here is how to get a divorce in Washington State online.

What Is an Online Divorce?

Online divorce is a guided process that allows you to fill out divorce papers correctly. It works through a website or app and does not involve attorneys. You answer questions, and the software or platform takes your answers and plugs them into the right spots on the divorce forms.

Your alternative to Washington divorce online is downloading the state forms and instructions and filling them out by hand or with a fillable format. Washington State is dedicated to legal services accessibility and has attempted to make these forms and instructions as easy as possible. However, many people feel overwhelmed by them and may prefer additional guidance.

Is Washington Divorce Online Legit?

Yes. But choose your online divorce service with caution. Read reviews on each service and see who endorses it. If a friend recently used an online divorce service, ask them what they thought about it. You may get a good referral!

If you doubt the veracity of the final documents, contact an attorney and ask for a final review. It never hurts to be safe rather than sorry, especially if your divorce is more complex.

Also, be open to the idea that your situation may not be appropriate for online divorce. It’s not a solution for everyone, and your divorce may just be too complicated for online solutions.

How Much Is a Divorce in Washington State?

An online divorce may range from $150 to $300. Your fee depends on the complexities of your situation. For example, an “uncontested divorce” with few assets and no minor children involves filing fewer documents, thus a lower fee. However, if you have minor children, you must file a “parenting plan” and “support order” along with the basic divorce pleadings. The issues connected with parenting plans and child support often lead to conflict because they are emotionally charged.

If you hire an attorney, fees may start at $2,000 for a simple, uncontested divorce and range into the high five figures if you have a contested divorce with high-conflict custody disputes. Divorces involving child custody disputes, for instance, average $15,500.

Is it Appropriate for Me to Get a Washington Divorce Online?

Online divorce works best between parties who communicate as equals and wish to settle their differences amicably. A Washington online divorce may work well for you if:

  • Neither spouse contests the divorce
  • You already agreed to property division, debt division and a parenting plan
  • Your relationship is amiable and lacks significant conflict
  • You’re both ready to move on

However, getting a Washington divorce online does not well if there is a power imbalance in the relationship or a spouse feels like they can’t communicate their preferences. Consider hiring an attorney if:

  • A spouse or child suffered abuse
  • One spouse has a drug or alcohol addiction or serious mental health issues
  • You disagree on important issues like custody and parenting time for children or division of high-value assets
  • A spouse is unwilling to divorce or doesn’t cooperate
  • One spouse is missing
  • Either of you filed a restraining order against the other

An attorney can act as your advocate and make sure your spouse considers your point of view when you can’t express it candidly. Always put your needs first, no matter what you decide about getting an online divorce.

My Spouse Won’t Cooperate. What Should I Do?

Even if your divorce negotiations start off great, that can change later if you or your spouse change your minds about things like custodial time with the kids or splitting household goods.

If that occurs, you can still use the documents created when getting a online in order to file your Washington divorce petition. Your spouse will have the opportunity to oppose your terms in court and explain their side.

Want to Get a Washington Divorce Online?

Getting a Washington State divorce online is easier than trying to fill out forms on your own. Here is an excellent resource to help you get started.

Legal Disclaimer: This article contains general legal information but does not constitute professional legal advice for your particular situation and should not be interpreted as creating an attorney-client relationship. If you have legal questions, you should seek the advice of an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.

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