Fitness Games That Feature A Story

Video games and fitness don’t normally go hand in hand, but sometimes there are exceptions. There are plenty of fitness games available which cater purely to people who want to improve their health and wellbeing, but the biggest hurdle people may face when wanting to improve their fitness is maintaining it. A lot of people start with the best intentions of keeping up a new fitness regime, but real life can get in the way, and this motivation can soon disappear.

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One way to encourage gamers to stick to their goals is to add a story as a way to keep them hooked, which in turn keeps people engaged with the exercises they are doing. Not only will this list give players a fitness game with a story, but there will be something for every age and ability. This includes a gentle stroll in the park searching for Pokémon, to run for your life against a horde of zombies.


6 The Walk (Android & iOS)

Walking is an excellent way for people to stay healthy, with 10,000 steps generally being recognized as something to aim for each day. The only problem with this is finding the time and incentive to lace up some sneakers and step outside the door. This is where the episodic story-based app The Walk comes into its own. The Walk puts players in the shoes of someone who witnesses a terrorist attack by the evil organization, The Burn. A case of mistaken identity finds the player being pursued by this group as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. The Walk was developed by Six To Startthe makers of Zombies, Run. Players who’ve experienced Zombies, Runcan expect the same level of high-quality storytelling and voice acting.

The beauty of The Walk is that the story unfolds depending on how many minutes people walk, with the map showing how many minutes are left until the next clip unlocks. This is a real incentive to keep going as players will naturally want to find out more as the plot thickens. There are achievements to earn and items to collect which provides an added bonus. There is also some replayability as players can decide where they want to go which can affect the story. The Walk is a great companion for people who want to get healthier, with the bonus being that it provides a compelling story to keep players going.

5 ARMS (Nintendo Switch)

Although ARMS isn’t technically a fitness game, it will definitely give gamers a workout as they battle against different fighters. A futuristic take on another Nintendo franchise, Punch-Out, ARMS sees players take control of a range of colorful fighters that have customizable arms which extend.

The Joy-Cons are held by the player and can be used to block and punch, as well as execute special moves. With 15 fighters to choose from, ARMS is a good way to get gamers off the couch and release their frustration by throwing some punches.

4 Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

The gaming community has to give credit to Nintendo for blending fitness and video games for the masses. Ring Fit Adventure gives players of different abilities the chance to improve their fitness with multiple exercises which are cleverly designed around new peripherals the Ring-Con and Leg Strap. Players explore a fantasy world by jogging on the spot. Coins can be collected and the Ring-Con can be squeezed, or pulled, which allows players to jump and collect coins.

As players progress through the world different types of enemies must be defeated. This is where various exercises are done to help gamers fight, including squats and stomach crunches. All the player’s stats are tracked, and more exercises are unlocked as players progress and level up. There are also boss fights which provide a more difficult challenge. Ring Fit Adventure Can be tailored to suit gamers’ level of fitness from a beginner to someone who regularly exercises. Wii Fit was a huge success, but Ring Fit Adventure is quite possibly Nintendo’s best fitness game.

3 Pokémon Go (Android & iOS)

Released in 2016, Pokémon Go It was a genuine phenomenon that has been played by millions of people across the planet. As well as giving players the chance to catch their favorite Pokémonit also encouraged people to step out of their front door and explore places they may not necessarily have discovered.

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Pokémon Go is far from a flash in the pan success and continues to receive updates and support for existing and new fans of the series. This includes a roster of hundreds of Pokémon available to catch, community days, raid battles, and team rocket battles. Pokémon Go is a great way to encourage people to get some fresh air and discover new places where they live, as well as try to find new Pokémon for their collection.

2 Creed: Rise To Glory (PlayStation VR)

Boxing games and virtual reality are generally excellent ways to keep fit, so adding the story and characters from the movie Creed is a no-brainer. The player takes the role of Adonis ‘Donny’ Johnson and Creed: Rise To Glory starts with his journey from promising young talent to being trained by Rocky Balboa. Michael B Jordan provides the vocal talents, and the music which is used in the movies is included. This brings a real sense of authenticity to the game. sorry, Sylvester Stallone doesn’t voice Rocky but having a virtual version of the Italian Stallion hold the pads as players train still feels good.


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There are different training levels before you face off against various characters including Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboaand Ivan Drago. Gamers do need a couple of PlayStation Move Controllers to get the full benefit, but as long as you have those, iconic players will work up a sweat as they face off against some of the most characters from the big screen.

1 Zombies, Run (Android & iOS)

Jogging is a great way to get fit not just physically, but also mentally. Sometimes the biggest barrier people face with running is maintaining a regular regime. This is where Zombies, Run can be the perfect motivation for people to lace up their sneakers. This episodic story-based tale places players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Taking the role of a runner, players must collect supplies to rebuild their outpost, whilst keeping an eye open for survivors. As the story plays out there are moments when the player is chased by zombies.

Although this isn’t happening in reality, it’s hard not to get swept away with a surge of adrenaline as the groan of the undead can be heard as they pursue another victim. Ironically players don’t have to run with Zombies, Run and the episodes can be enjoyed during a more leisurely walk. So, whether people are new to running, training for a 5k, or even a full marathon, Zombies, Run will give new and existing runners the motivation to keep going.

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