EXCLUSIVE: ‘Catfish’ Co-Host Kamie Crawford Explains Why She Expects Her Date To Pay The Tab! | News

Kamie Crawford is single and ready to mingle! So are other Americans who are excited about getting back out in the dating pool.

The Catfish co-host recently sat down with BET Lifestyle to candidly chat about her date night routine, along with deal-breakers that will ruin any possibility of a second date. Keep scrolling to get the deets!

With warmer weather approaching, we had to know more about “uncuffing season.” While chatting with Kamie, she revealed its a lot more common than we think. She’s even experienced it.

Cuffing Season is usually when it gets a little cooler outside and you want to snuggle up with someone. Uncuffing Season happens in the spring/summer when people break up. It usually happens after Valentine’s Day,” she explains to BET.com. “Uncuffing Season is something that I think we’ve all experienced. I experienced it.”

Not that she’s too concerned. The 29-year-old beauty is too busy enjoying her fabulous lifestyle, which consists of working on a hit MTV show and claiming her title as 2022 SI Swimsuit Rookie. She’s also diligently making plans for her 30th birthday in October.

“I’m trying to come up with something now,” she shares with us about her birthday plans. “I’m not a big birthday party person. I normally just do something very, very chill, but this is my first birthday being single in a long time, so I want to do something really fun and exciting! And, who knows? Maybe I’ll have a date.”

In the meantime, she’s prioritizing self-love. “It is literally everything. It is the foundation of how you feel when you wake up in the morning and how you go about your week. You only get one body, you only get one life. You might as well spend your time honoring yourself and loving yourself. If you don’t do it, who else are you going to count on to do it? It’s better when it comes from you. And it lasts longer when it’s internal.”

On the topic of dating, Kamie is sure that we haven’t seen the last of online dating, even with the reopening of the world. The ‘Catfish’ co-host offers this quick tip for those who want to land a date with their dating profile.

“Dating experts say smiling in your profile picture can get you more matches,” she reveals. “I think there’s something to that. I always say you can tell a lot about a person by their smile. I tend to go for really warm people and if you have a warm smile that can light up a room, then that’s always a plus for me.”

She adds, “That’s why I’m so excited to team up with Crest because their new Whitening Emulsions + Overnight Freshness ($55) brightens your smile while you sleep. It’s perfect for your date night plans.”

“My mom always said you never know who needs to see your smile. It could be their first smile they’ve seen all year, you have no idea. So that’s why it’s good to keep your teeth white and your breath fresh.”

Besides bright white teeth and fresh breath, Kamie says she’s also intrigued by a man with nice hands. “The fingernails need to be clean,” she shares about the importance of hygiene in her suiter.

Every woman has her go-to routine to prep for their upcoming date night. For Kamie, it starts with whitening her teeth the night before. The morning before a romantic outing, she turns to her skincare ritual to make sure she has a natural glow. And a fresh manicure is a must!

She’s also a big fan of fragrance to make a lasting statement. “I love a good fragrance. I’ve been loving, Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy ($250) lately.”

Noting it’s Rihanna‘s go-to scent, she playfully adds, “They say she’s like the best smelling woman in the world. So I’ve tried to be the second-best.”

She also loves to blast Afrobeats before a date. “I’m a dancing in the mirror kind of person. When I get cute, I like to put some music on and move around a little bit. That’s always nice,” she shares before revealing ‘Soundgasm’ by Rema gets her in a saucy mood.

Before stepping out the door, she is careful to always send friends and family members details about her date–something she reminds other women to do, along with a quick Google search. “I’m going to Google you. Catfishing is at an all-time high and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little bit of googling. If they can’t FaceTime within the first three weeks, you might as well just call it a wash. We’re zooming all day, every day. There’s really no excuse.”

She adds, “For me, safety is always a priority. To be safe, it’s always a good idea to send your location or where you plan on meeting to a close friend. You should also meet at a public place. Your first date shouldn’t be at someone’s house.”

We had to know the Maryland native’s biggest date night deal breaker. It’s simple, not picking up the tab.

“At this season of my life, if the guy is not paying for the first date, I might as well just go home. Chivalry is not dead,” she insists with a chuckle. “As women, our time is valuable. If you are spending time with him, he needs to spend something on you. I’m sure he can afford a $30 dinner. I’m sure he spent more money on video games. Let him pick up that bill.”

She adds, “I am also a struggling independent woman, so I’m trying to be better at letting people do things for me. That’s a simple thing that you can allow someone to do. You know, it’s also good for them. Let them flex their manhood a little bit.”

A potential beau can expect a second date if the vibes are right–especially if he has a good sense of humor.

She concludes, “If you could make me belly laugh, you at least get another conversation out of me. It doesn’t even have to be a date. Like if we have to just be friends, that’s fine. But I think that there’s something to being with someone that makes you smile and laugh.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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