Easy home-made concoctions to start your mornings on a healthy note

It is said that a kick-started morning lays down the foundation for a positive and energetic day. And that is why many health aficionados recommend following a healthy morning regime like eating a handful of soaked nuts or a nutritious king’s size breakfast. While all of this is extremely vital to start your mornings on a healthy note, what’s even more important is paying heed to the correct hydration to flush out the toxins from the body while keeping the overall health in fine fettle. Healthy homemade concoctions can be a part of your morning routine since it boasts numerous nutrients and swears to give you a strong immune system, good lung health, and vigorous digestive system while adding up to the respiratory tract. All in all, a simple, affordable and effective deal to keep yourself all hale and hearty.

Here is a list of home-made concoctions to start your mornings on a healthy note:

Ginger, Turmeric and Black pepper concoction

Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin which aids in boosting immunity along with various medicinal properties. Ginger is an ingredient that is beneficial in detoxifying the body, combats high blood pressure and gives a boost to the lungs. Moreover, the addition of black pepper increases the absorption of curcumin in the body and it is known as a king of spices to cut down excess weight while enriching the body with numerous benefits. Just boil a teaspoon of these ingredients in water, strain and sip a cuppa every morning to reap maximum health benefits.

Tulsi, Cardamom concoction

The holy tulsi has been known to provide various health benefitting properties for ages. It is a natural immunity booster, contains anti-cancer properties, and promotes good heart health while keeping the lungs all fit and healthy. Similarly, cardamom is a spice that has long been touted for its impressive medicinal properties including combating high blood pressure and decreasing inflammation in the body.

Cinnamon and Fennel seeds (saunf) concoction

This one is just the magical wand for all your digestive woes. Fennel seeds aka saunf hold strong compounds of plants, combat high cholesterol levels and ease out any digestive issues. On the other hand, cinnamon can give a pretty detox to your body, aid in weight loss and improves the functioning of the immune system. This concoction is quite good for your lung health too. Make sure to not overdo the consumption of cinnamon and keep it to only ½ teaspoon to avoid any health complexities.

Cinnamon and Fennel seeds (saunf) concoction

Clove and mint concoction

Cloves have been used in Indian teas for a long time and all because for good reasons. Cloves are dripped in anti-oxidants. Consuming a concoction made of clove boost the health of your respiratory tract, and supports in combating free radicals while decreasing the risk of diabetes. Mint is known as a great refresher, gives relief from indigestion, and say adios to bad breath while paving way for an energetic morning.

Clove and mint concoction

Concoctions are made from naturally wholesome ingredients and therefore an addition of these to your diet can do miracles to your overall health. Do consume a cup daily and never consume too many quantities as the spices and herbs used in it are warm and can sometimes lead to toxicity.

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