Dr. Drew on Taylor Hawkins’ ‘terrible drug addiction’

The sudden death of Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, has left friends, family and fans stunned as they are left to cope with the loss of a music legend. As the music community continues to pay tribute to Hawkins and his talents, many are left struggling with the best way to cope.

LISTEN NOW: Dr. Drew shares his thoughts surrounding Taylor Hawkins’ death

Audacy KROQ alum, internist, and addiction medicine specialist, Dr. Drew joined the Klein & Ally Show to address fans, talk about the best ways to cope and the anger he has in regards to the drug epidemic.

“It is time for us to deal with drug addictions realistically,” Dr. Drew stated. “It has a worse prognosis than cancer… The horrible reality of this disease is that there are effective treatments all over the place, but part of the disease, as it is with many serious mental illnesses is something called Anosognosia, more commonly called denial. ”

He continued, “We need the ability to help people and prevent them from dying.”

Dr. Drew went on to specifically address Hawkins’ struggle with drugs, which he is very familiar with having known the drummer.

“I knew Taylor… everything you’ve heard about him is true,” he shared. “He was a wonderful human being, he also had terrible drug addiction. Life-threatening drug addiction.”

He continued, “Every musician that has died in the last 10 years, you’ll always find a doctor prescribing it [drugs] and you’ll find the combination of opioids and benzodiazepines,” he said with disgust. “That is a lethal combination. Why my peers kill my patients with that combination and continue to prescribe it is beyond me. It’s something I wake up upset about every single day.”

Dr. Drew continued on to address other rumors of a cardiac condition contributing to Hawkins’ death, but according to Dr. Drew, the drugs are undoubtedly what took his life.

“I know people are spitting around his cardiac — something about his heart weighing a lot. Whatever the cardiac pathology is, it’s secondary to his addiction. If his cardiac pathology contributes to his demise, it was on top of the drugs. The drugs were the primary issue.”

Understanding fans are grieving, Dr. Drew offered his best advice for the grievance process encouraging individuals to take care of themselves by good nutrition, life balance, gratitude and of course, spend time with the people you love.

“Grief is the most problematic emotion for human beings. We do everything to avoid grief,” he shared. “It’s real. Don’t pretend it’s not.”

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