Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Visits Recovery Community Support Services Grantee, Highlights Programs for Individuals in Recovery from Substance Use Disorder

Greensburg, PA – Today, Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) Secretary Jen Smith visited Recovery Community Organization and DDAP grantee, Sage’s Army, to highlight their recovery community support services for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).

“The disease of addiction is isolating, and it is absolutely vital for individuals in recovery — especially those in early recovery — to find a community of support to help them through the difficult days,” said DDAP Secretary Jen Smith. “Through this funding, Sage’s Army has provided valuable connections and resources to individuals at a time when they needed them the most.”

Sage’s Army, which serves Westmoreland, Allegheny, Fayette, and Indiana counties, was awarded $700,000 in funding from DDAP to provide recovery community support services to individuals in recovery from SUD. These services include delivery of recovery coaching through Certified Recovery Specialists, telephonic supports, education and employment supports, engagement in GED services, life-skills support groups, and delivery of substance-free social activities.

“Sage’s Army exists to ensure that all people, regardless of their drug use status, have access to the support and resources they need and deserve,” said Adam Beers, Sage’s Army Director of Operations. who use drugs and their family members and loved ones, we can help to improve the health and wellness of our communities while helping to keep people safe and alive.”

Using this funding, Sage’s Army has been able to expand services, reaching more than 1,200 people every month through recovery coaching, HelpLine, support groups and meetings, super activities, and outreach events.

The nonprofit Sage’s Army, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Carmen Capozzi, after losing his son to an accidental drug overdose. Sage’s Army is committed to providing a safe and inclusive community-based recovery community organization that supports individuals and families through recovery support services, support groups and meetings, advocacy efforts, and education.

The grant is part of $55 million in federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) funding awarded to Pennsylvania through its Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Program COVID-19 Supplemental Awards. With that SAMHSA funding, DDAP awarded more than $2.7 million to four organizations across Pennsylvania to provide recovery community support services to individuals in living with or in recovery from SUD.

Across these four organizations in the first six months of grant funding:

· 92% of participants reported a reduction in substance use;

· 100% of participants reported an increase in feelings of social connectedness;

· 99% of participants reported no contacts with the criminal justice system while engaged in this program; and

· 62% of participants accessed SUD treatment or mental health treatment while engaged in this program.

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