Circle of Hope Is Offering Pet Friendly Rehab And Addiction

Reseda, California, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Circle of Hope, a luxury addiction treatment facility based in Southern California, says that it can make accommodations for individuals who want to go through rehab and addiction treatment along with their beloved pets. The treatment center is also drawing attention to how family members, friends, and other loved ones could be responsible for causing addiction in individuals even if they have the person’s best interests in mind.

Alcohol or drug addiction treatment is very involved as the individual needs to be removed from the environment that caused them to get addicted in the first place. However, this possesses a challenge for individuals who lack familial support but do have furry friends that keep them company. They may be obligated to take care of their pets as there may not be an option to drop off the pets over at a friend’s or family’s home while they take the time out of their lives to go through rehab. If the person is also giving up employment for a while, they might also feel the sting of the expenses required to have their pet checked into daycare for an extended period. Moreover, these factors don’t even consider the strong bonds between pet owners and their little darlings, as fostering a healthy relationship, even with a mute-but-empathetic animal, could be a great way to get the mental fortitude required to kick their addiction.

A spokesperson for Circle of Hope talks about its pet-friendly addiction treatment in Southern California by saying, “We are the top destination for those seeking addiction treatment along with their beloved pets. We recognize the benefits that animals can add to addiction therapy as well as mental health and whole-person wellness. As a result, we constantly revise our pet program to make sure it meets the needs of our clients and their canine or feline companions. We have even updated our web presence to convey the salient features of our pet friendly rehab services so that potential clients can see what we can do for them if they are responsible for taking care of their pets or want their companion while they fight their battle against alcohol or drug addiction. Give us a call today and talk to our admissions staff any time of the day to find out more about the lengths we have gone to ensure that our environments are safe and inviting for your fur babies.”

Circle of Hope also wants to highlight how someone could be inadvertently enabling the addiction of a loved one. Human nature has baked into it the urge to help others who are close to themselves. However, being nice and supporting can go too far and one can end up giving those suffering from addiction the subconscious authority and agency to continue down their self-destructive path, even though one has every intention to help them overcome their challenges. This can take many forms such as giving them the financial support to continue living as they do, in the fear that they may become homeless, or may resort to other means to get money if they are not given what they need to support their addiction. Another way that one can end up enabling someone is by refusing to be assertive and firmly telling them “No” when their behavior is out of line. Personal responsibility is the first step to kicking addiction and making excuses for their behavior or expressing remorse that one’s own behavior may have caused their loved one’s addiction could breed self-pity in the afflicted person and it could pull them further into the grasp of addiction. Finally, it is important to prioritize one’s own life and to, metaphorically, cut the cord, that gives those who are acting irresponsibly a way of increasing their own accountability.

Circle of Hope can help all families who have members struggling with alcohol or substance use, regardless of the stages of addiction that their loved ones have reached, with effective addiction treatment that can help foster lasting recovery. Circle of Hope can be contacted at the phone number (818) 392-5259 for Admissions and related questions.


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