Breath of the Wild 2 Will Launch Alongside Switch 2

Despite launching five years ago, the Nintendo Switch continues to be a runaway success for the company and its most profitable home console in generations. A large contributing factor to this is the healthy lineup of excellent exclusives that includes critically acclaimed titles like Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid Dread. This looks to continue on in the future with more great games on the way like Breath of the Wild 2the follow-up to the cross gen launch game that closed out of the Wii-U era and kick-started the Switch’s life.


As much as Breath of the Wild 2 is ranking high among the most anticipated upcoming games, there remains an aura of mystery surrounding the title. One aspect of the game which is perplexing players is whether or not the game will follow its predecessor’s path and launch alongside the next Nintendo console. After all, as popular as the Nintendo Switch is, nothing lasts forever, and Nintendo will need to update it with a successor eventually. Based on past release strategies as well as the footage released so far, many fans believe that the two will coincide.

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Breath of the Wild 2 – More Impressive Visuals/Tech

The most immediate element of Breath of the Wild 2 which is leading players to believe it being developed for a next gen Nintendo system are the graphics. In the previous trailer released two months ago, the visuals on display had a much finer level of detail and polish than what is normally seen on the Switch. This is not to discount the Switch as a weak platform, as games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Metroid Dread have had dazzling presentations, but this is on an entirely new level.

Especially when directly compared to the original Breath of the Wild, something seems a little off here. A close-up shot of Link in the most recent trailer looks shockingly sharp, boasting more texture work and lightning effects than what is commonly seen on the Switch. The Link model in the first game does not look bad by any means, but a side-by-side comparison is night and day.

This extends beyond Link and includes the game’s environments as well, which have a strikingly beautiful color palette and fantastic levels of detail work being done. It is worth noting that Nintendo isn’t usually a company to fall victim to the “downgrading” controversy, as the footage used in previews is generally speaking exactly what the final product will look like. So bearing that in mind, this is an astonishing level of graphical polish (in an open-world game, no less) to be running on the now five-year-old hardware within the Nintendo Switch.

Breath of the Wild 2 – Great Launch Game

While new gaming hardware is always exciting, it doesn’t really matter if there’s nothing new and exciting to play. Console launches can sometimes be rough, as studios scramble to lock in at least one heavy hitter to help get the ball rolling. Nintendo’s own Wii-U had a tough start out of the gate, lacking one true standout title, with the closest option being New Super Mario Bros. U. While a good game, it lacked that “wow” factor.

Nintendo wisely did not want to repeat the past and ensured that the Nintendo Switch was released with Breath of the Wild, a must-have game that ensured the console’s success right from the start. The company will surely want to repeat that and will need a big game to kickstart the lifecycle of whatever the Nintendo Switch’s successor ends up being. Of the confirmed games coming out in the near future, Breath of the Wild 2 closely fits that bill, so much so that it borderlines on a deja vu.

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Nintendo Switch 2 – When Will It Launch

The only unknown factor here is exactly when Nintendo plans to launch its next home console. Looking into the past for clues, the Nintendo Switch was rumored for years until its eventual reveal in late 2016, leading to a launch in early 2017. If Breath of the Wild 2 It is still on track for 2023, and it does end up being a launch exclusive, then that means the next Nintendo platform needs to be unveiled at some point in the latter half of 2022.

That being said, Nintendo is notorious for being wildly unpredictable when it comes to its reveals and launches. While all of the above information could be used to predict what’s next for the company, it could instead pull a tactic completely out of left field and do something that nobodys expects. Rumors of a new Nintendo console have been swirling around the internet however, and even so, the fact remains that the company needs to make a new platform eventually.

Add to this that the Switch is coming close to what the average console life expectancy is (6-7 years). The PlayStation 3 launched six years after the PlayStation 2, while the GameCube was a mere five years after the Nintendo 64. It may not feel like it sometimes, but this industry moves fast, as technology very swiftly becomes out of date and needs to be replaced by more powerful hardware. So all that being said, if a new Nintendo console is indeed on track for next year, then no other game is better to launch alongside it than Breath of the Wild 2.

Breath of the Wild 2 is in development.

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