BBC The Repair Shop viewers ‘crying over toy dragon’ with a beautiful story

The Repair Shop viewers are often left in tears at the heartwarming show. The BBC One program was back on air on Wednesday night (May 25) with Jay Blades and co in their trusty shed.

The episode saw a members of the public – including a double-medal winning Olympian – enlisting the help of the team to restore beloved items. A toy dragon caught viewers’ imaginations.

Jonah Atkins, 10, visited the repair shop with mum Melissa to ask for help in bringing a very special dragon plush, named Duncan, back to life. The green toy had previously been owned by Melissa after it was gifted to her as a little girl.

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Explaining more about Duncan’s importance to the family, Melissa said: “He’s very old, I got him when I was a little girl. I used to love dragons. One day my Auntie Joan was walking past a shoe shop and she saw Duncan in the window as a promotion and she went in and asked the ladies if she could buy Duncan when the promotion had finished – and fortunately for me, she was allowed!”

She added that the adorable toy had been in the “wars over the years” due to her taking him with her everywhere she went. Melissa then went on to share why it was so important for Duncan to be fixed for Jonah’s sake.

“Duncan always made me feel safe when I was younger and I used to love dragons because they’re quite bold and brave – and I said to Jonah, I think he needs Duncan by his side sometimes when things get tough,” she said.

She added: “Jonah was diagnosed with a genetic condition and it’s made life really challenging for Jonah – he’s a very smiley chap and you wouldn’t know it a lot of the time, but he’s had several operations and he has lots of therapies as So we visit hospitals very frequently and he has to do daily exercises to keep his muscles strong.

“Duncan’s been there, but not quite been there. He doesn’t like taking Duncan to hospital because he’s a bit floppy and he worries that if he takes him out and about to different hospital appointments and places he might get even more damaged.”

Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell, aptly named Teddy Bear Ladies, then set to work to try and restore Duncan for his owners. This included stripping Duncan back to his fur, and remove the stuffing before having to craft a splint to support his neck, and restore his plastic eyes.

It was soon time for the big reveal as Melissa and Jonah returned to the repair shop. Clearly delighted, Melissa said: “Ladies, you are so, so clever. Hello, Dunc! I feel like I’m 3 years old again. It’s just so amazing. The original Duncan!” And it left viewers in tears.

@Claireyyy tweeted: “Not me crying my eyes out over a toy dragon #TheRepairShop.” @Floral_Fanatic_ wrote: “Blubbing over a toy dragon. The ladies did such a great job. Jonah is a credit to his mum. What a lovely young man #therepairshop.” @AndrewJazzie shared: “A stuffed toy dragon has just brought this household to tears. This program is truly wonderful.”

@GavinEvs said: “Wow speechless, Duncan the Dragon looks amazing , bloody fly gone in my eye again #therepairshop.” @gavp77 commented: “I’m welling up over a stuffed toy dragon called Duncan. Damn you #therepairshop.” @Tre_Animation added: “Julie and Amanda did an amazing job as always and Duncan looks fab and for it gives me ‘Pete’s Dragon’ vibes for some reason. Wishing all the best to Jonah. #TheRepairShop.”


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