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By Dr. Thomas Polucki

People with arm pain should take a break from work and increase the amount of zinc they eat.
Good sources of zinc include: spinach, lentils, pistachios…They can put ice on their arms to reduce swelling. Heat will be more effective if the person has muscle spasms that are due to injury or soreness. If arm pain comes along with other symptoms like fever or severe headache, then you need to go see a doctor right away because it could be serious.

Arm pain can happen because of a problem with your neck, or it can happen if you hurt the ligament in the arm. The pain may be bad and hurt a lot. You should treat it first by resting and putting ice on it for a while to make the swelling go down. Then you should take an anti-inflammatory supplement to help with the pain.

There are many reasons why you might experience arm pain. For example, you might have arthritis, rotator cuff syndrome/impingement syndrome, or bursitis. Sometimes a neck injury, new or old can cause nerve problems that might manifest as arm pain.

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Arm Pain ABCs

A is for Alignment

Aligning the body in good posture reduces stress and strain on the joints, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.

If joints are not aligned, you might have pain. It is hard for a doctor to know if the joints are aligned without a lot of extra training after becoming a doctor.

Some special doctors gently use their hands or precise tools to align joints. They will not twist or crack any joint. Many people like this better than getting jerked around and crunched.

B is for Balance

Balance is beneficial since it allows you to do many things better, especially heal. The Closed Eye Marching Test (CEMT) is a high-level balance test. This exam assesses your balance.

When the eyes are shut, the brain must obtain feedback from joints sensors in order to maintain balance. And if you ask someone to walk in place during a test, you may discover that they have any number of hidden joint problems.

In just a minute, the CEMT may reveal more than x-rays or even an MRI scan. These diagnostic tools may be rather useful, but they are not flawless. The CEMT is also ideal to measure treatment progress because it is functional, non-invasive, quick, inexpensive and versatile.

C is for Coordination

It is difficult to keep everything inside the body coordinated. And if someone walks across the room when they try to march in place with their eyes closed, it suggests that there may be a similar issue in other bodily functions as well. The CEMT is a great non-invasive test for neck injury, function, and the progress of treatment.

Holistic Medicine- Restoring Health Instead of Just Treating Symptoms

D is for Diet

Weight shame makes people feel bad. Too much weight can be bad for you, but many skinny people get poor results from drugs and surgery too.

The best way to reduce inflammation is to hydrate, avoid inflammatory foods and maintain a healthy diet rather than fad weight reduction diets. This might mean avoiding grains, dairy, and other food like substances labeled “diet.” Food can hurt or heal if you understand how.

E is for Exercise

Everyone should exercise daily. However, most people will not do so. That’s why Dr. Polucki uses PEMF Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy to provide all the advantages of traditional exercise even if the person is unable to move. Telehealth patients may use NIR Near Infra-Red therapy at home to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. And perform a few modified exercises until they start to feel better.

F is for Function

Functional Medicine aims to restore health instead of just managing pain. It engages the person with proper diet (may include supplements), and health rehabilitation instead of fighting an often-elusive disease.

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