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Caffeine feels like a rush of energy to our body. Most of our late-night works or overtime jobs involve a cup of coffee silently kept beside our laptops, waiting to be filled for another round. And this is how we try to charge our bodies to keep going till the work is done. Caffeine makes us believe that we just need a cup of coffee to recharge ourselves and it is giving us all the energy that we need to go on. Hence, people become addicted to caffeine very easily. Sometimes, the urge is so much that we cannot go a day without having our dose of caffeine.

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But it is not how it looks like. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija, who keeps sharing important insights on our daily food habits and diets, shared a video speaking of how caffeine affects our body, and not in a good way. Pooja Makhija is known for sharing healthy recipes and lifestyle changes that can induce a better living style. Pooja spoke of the need of reducing the amount of caffeine in our diet with a video of herself. She said that even though caffeine feels like it is giving us energy, in reality, it is just borrowing from our future energy. “Caffeine doesn’t actually give you any energy. It makes you feel more awake so you think you have more. The impending crash that inevitably comes from taking any stimulant is the reason why it seems like it is borrowed from future energy,” read an excerpt of her post.

Pooja also wrote of the biochemical reactions that caffeine induces inside the brain. The brain has receptors called adenosine which fills up throughout the day and makes us sleepy. Caffeine, which has a similar structure to adenosine binds itself to these receptors making us feel energised. However, it also affects the body and the brain adversely. “However, your brain wants these adenosine receptors so it makes more of them which eventually get filled with either caffeine or adenosine. This is part of the reason why some can’t have caffeine after 3-4pm because it disturbs their sleep cycle and yet some can have a cup of coffee and immediately jump into bed – more begets more,” Pooja explained. Pooja added that in order to keep the magic last forever, small frequents of consumption is recommended.

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