A Truck Driver Was Forced to Sleep in Freezing Temperatures for Days After His Cabin Heater Broke

With robot trucks in the news as a resolution to the trucker shortage, one has to wonder why there’s a considerable absence of drivers in the trucking industry to begin with. Let’s look at what problems truckers face and why it’s not appealing to potential workers.

The low parts of a truck driver’s life

A trucker adding snow chains to tires | Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/picture alliance via Getty Images

One of the most frustrating parts of a long-haul trucker’s life is the surveillance drivers find themselves under. According to The New York Times, most trucking companies use cameras and sensors to essentially “spy” on their employees while they’re on the road. The idea behind it is for safety, both for the trucker and for others driving alongside them. However, it’s at the expense of their privacy.

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