A new life update update 30 May 2022

A new life 30 May 2022: The Episode starts with Amrita asking Angad to go to his office, its an emergency. She asks him to go and help his boss. Nitin and Monty say Amrita won’t go without Angad, Pritam’s plan will fail. Pritam says I will drop Amrita, you all said I m his family, I can do this, you all made me dance wearing a saree. Dada ji says yes. Soni says yes, you are like family, I will go with Amrita. Pritam says yes, come. Guneet says Soni has exams. Pritam says let it be, Amrita can stay back if she is scared of me. Amrita says I m not scared of you, even if you look like a rod, I can handle you. She jokes. Angad laughs.

Pritam and Amrita leave in the car. She says you have become my driver. Someone comes there. He looks at Pritam. Pritam sees him. Dada ji says stop at some dhaba and have food. Pritam says okay. He signs Nitin and Monty to go to that man. They go and catch that man. They see a wine bottle with the man. They sign Pritam to go. Amrita says I have to reach home soon. Pritam jokes. Dadi asks them not to fight and go well. Nimmo says I wish Amrita and Ansh reach there well. Saroj says I will make Rajma Chawal for Amrita. Kuljeet says I trust Pritam, don’t worry, Amrita can take care of herself. Saroj asks what did Pritam do now, did Amrita leave from there. Kuljeet says Pritam is bringing Amrita by car. Saroj asks what’s this, she was coming with Angad. He says yes, but Angad’s company had IT raid, Pritam was coming here, so she is coming with him. Saroj asks what will relatives say.

He says Pritam is also family. She says he is just a tenant. He says forget it, be happy that Amrita is coming home with Ansh. She says yes, we will convince her for remarriage. He says she is stubborn. She says we have to bring happiness in her life. He says fine, we shall talk.Amrita talks to Ansh and says its your first road trip. She taunts Pritam. She asks him to play FM, who sits silent on the road trip. He plays the FM. He hears an old song. She says I don’t want to hear this song. She changes the song. He says that song had philosophy of life. She says songs should be fun. He says I don’t like such songs, no meaning and tune. They argue about the songs. She does tunak tunak… on the song. She says now I feel I m going home. She asks him to just focus on driving. He says its my car, songs will be of my choice. She says sorry, I m also traveling with you, I will pay for the fuel. Ansh cries. She asks what happened. Pritam says he doesn’t like such songs. She says he is protesting because you are troubling me. She hears Patakha Guddi song and says its Karan and my fav song. She enjoys the song and dances.

Pritam smiles.She asks him to stop the car. She gets down the car. She dances freely. Pritam looks on. Dada ji and Dadi have an emotional talk. He says I have to send away Amrita with a smile. She asks did you go mad. He says Yuvraj had come to meet Amrita, how did you find him. She says he was nice, who was he. He says he had come here with some motive, he had come to see Amrita. Nimmo hears this and gets shocked. Dadi asks what you are saying, Kuljeet had sent him, Guneet also knew it. Dada ji says Guneet knew the motive, so he was worried and upset, he has become Amrita’s dad. She asks are you in senses. He says yes, you also understand now, Amrita is not our bahu now, she is our daughter, we have to send her away some day. Nimmo cries.

Pritam says sorry. Amrita says forgiven, but why. He says you are a player, you are enjoying the road trip. She says you will know me soon. He says Karan knew you well. She smiles. She says he used to live me, I was his breath and heartbeat, I stopped somewhere and he went. He says we will have tea at some dhaba. She says we will get late, keep driving, I have to reach my parents soon. He says I want to have tea. She says don’t waste time now. He says don’t forget I gave you lift, just some time is needed. She says drive silently, I will apply the old song for you. He says I will have tea. She says if I say yes, then you will think I got scared, say please to me. He says please. She says fine, if there is any dhaba, then stop there. He thanks her. Pritam saying the place isn’t so good, don’t worry, I m here. Amrita says no, I have to go home. He says roads are meant for journeys, not destinations, enjoy the road trip. She says I know the Chinese philosopher said that. He says then follow it. She says one should follow the destination when we are aimed to reach there, I said this.

The man gets the tea for him. He calls Amrita Bhabhi ji. Pritam says she isn’t my wife, say sorry to her. Amrita says its a mistake of the society. The man says sorry. Pritam says you can say Bhaiya and Didi, instead Bhaiya and Bhabhi. He orders paneer pakodas.Amrita says you want to eat pakoas now. He says yes, what’s the problem, its about Maayka right, girls are so connected with Maayka, they accept both the houses. Nimmo gets shaken up. She recalls Guneet’s words. Soni asks what happened. Nimmo asks her to just go. She gets angry and throws things. Soni comes again and asks what happened, what are you saying, tell me the matter. Nimmo says no, leave me, I will harm myself. Soni says fine, I m going. Nimmo says Guneet has to answer me, he lied to me. Guneet comes home.

Nimmo gets angry on him. She takes him to the room. She makes him wear on her and say the truth. He asks her to listen to him once. She says the guy came to see Amrita, you didn’t tell me. She throws things and hurts herself. He stops her and asks her to see the bleeding hand. Amrita says I had gone to Maayka 2 years back, then lockdown happened and he used to stay at the hospital day and night, he used to say we will go to Ludhiana and Manali, but he went too far now. She cries. She says I don’t like these roads this time and I just want to reach my destination soon, I m scared that I will lose my destination. Pritam gets sad. She says I want to go home and meet my parents. Pritam cancels the pakodas offer. She asks him to have it when he has ordered it. He says I promise, I will make you reach home tonight. She says I will call mum and dad. He says sure.Everyone worries for Nimmo. Amrita calls. Soni says Nimmo’s hand got wounded, its bleeding. Amrita asks what, when did this happen. Guneet takes the call. He says don’t worry, everything is fine, she takes things easy, you tell me, are you and Ansh fine. Amrita says yes, take care of Nimmo. Pritam asks is everything fine.

Amrita says yes. The man gets pakodas. Pritam asks Amrita to have it. She says you have it. She gets some bad smell. He says its good smell of pakodas. She says Ansh did potty. She says I have to change his diaper, come with me and help, get my purse. He says pakodas aren’t in my fate. Nimmo asks them to go away. Dada ji says enough of your drama, get the aid done. Sony does the aid. Amrita cleans Ansh’s potty. She gives the dirty pump to Pritam. He passes the fresh one. He says sanitize your hands first. She says yes, sorry. He says you said sorry, you message this, I will ave t for the future. He sprays the sanitizer. She asks him to help. He sanitizes his hands also. He helps her.He asks her to fix the diaper tight. She says I m his mum, I know. He says I m his tenant, I know. She says he will get rashes. He says it can leak and he can fall sick. She asks him to do it, she will see how he does it. He smiles and changes the diaper. She looks at him.

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