9 Timeless Secrets for a Perfect Life | by Vijay Bhargav Chettipalli | Mar, 2022

Your mind is your natural prescription. Your thoughts or decisions is your doctor. Incorporate these “Perfection exercises” to lead a life filled with contentment.

Do you feel either dejected or electrified on the sight of the word “Perfect” in the title? Having either of those feelings is quite normal. Perfection and idealism are over rated. There are no universal yardsticks for perfection to gear up and achieve it. You are the one who sets the standards for perfection.

The desire to lead a flawless life is unceasing in your mind as a ball repeatedly on the wall. Because your visions of perfection are distinct from others’, your notion of perfection is different from theirs.

On a sunny morning, when you are with a lot of go, there are sudden spurts of immense motivation. However, at times they are as fleeting as the colors of a chameleon. No matter how many motivating or inspirational podcasts you listen to on a daily basis, the drive for perfection should emerge from within like lava seeping from the volcano. There are a numerous life exercises to transform your life by 100x.

From my experiences and thoughts about leading the life that mirrors idealism , I give an ultimate framework of activities to become the best version of yourself. Some things you should follow to transform your lives in 2022 and make 2022 a formative year in your lives.

Lethargy is like being caught in quicksand. If you are giving up, the amount of laziness becomes insurmountable. When you struggle to come out of it, your life is filled with bliss and fulfilment. You set an alarm with a soothing sound that revitalizes you. But, if you are hitting the snooze button, bear in mind it is equivalent to committing a sin. You decide to hit the gym, but if you are caught in a battle to find some reason to quit it today and retire to the bed for an hour or more, beware! You are amplifying your laziness quotient.

As a child, you might be enthralled to do things alone. Surprisingly, when you reach adulthood, you might have fear engulfing you to do things independently. Break those shackles, step out of the comfort zone, and do new things that spike your confidence levels to the apex. The tasks you do help to develop confidence. The tasks are like needles in a haystack that contribute to your overall development.

Traveling needn’t always be planned with a group of friends or members of the family. Plan a trip to a place you always wanted to visit. The sense of independence and adrenaline rush is truly invigorating when you travel to see all the places that the earth offers to you. Not every time people would be ever ready to accompany you, may be even your spouse. Learn to take pleasure in your own company. Go for a movie or dinner alone, it is truly a fantastic experience. These little things bring a substantial difference in a person’s life.

  • Become financially literate

Money is a taboo topic. Talking about it might tag you in the group of materialists or greedy people. But, we know how important money is and that is why becoming financially versed is important. It is never too late to venture into it and test the waters. Learn and try investing money in diverse financial instruments. Can you set a car into motion when there is no fuel? What do you need to fill the tank with the fuel? Money! Your family member is suffering from a debilitating disease for which you will have to pay a large amount of money. But, fortunately you have a health insurance to cover it. Let out a breath of relief! What came to rescue you? Money, as well as your plan about putting your money into health insurance. There is no such thing as being too late or too early. Now is the best time to start becoming financially literate.

  • Discover a hobby and work on it side by side

There might be many things that may have piqued your interest as a child. You have the innate ability to perform it well and bring out a masterpiece. Don’t let your days be filled with work up to the brim and make your life like running on a hamster wheel. If you rely only on a single source of income, you will never grow. By starting a side hustle, you would not only be able to profit from your expertise, but you would also be able to enjoy your time each day. One of my friends started Aiyanaa — Eternal blossom, a gifting startup that uses flowers as their theme, and boy! they have become popular in the blink of an eye!

You are having a quiet saunter on the sea shore, and you create a mental map of what you want to accomplish this year. Over time, the vivid images you conjured up in your mind may fade away with time. Painting vivid pictures of goals is fantastic, but you need a visual board to make them a reality. To be precise, an inspiration copy. My cousin told me how creating a visual board of what she had planned to do for the previous year and the amount of energy and happiness she felt after ticking off each one made her a cheerful person with a positive outlook on the future, making her ready to take up any challenges.

  • Experiences. Mistakes. Achievements.

Every experience is a treasure trove of insights. Every mistake is a learning in disguise. Every achievement is a source of inspiration.

Life is complete when it is full of diverse experiences that make you a wise individual. Mistakes are more than simply wrong doings, they come with a hidden gift- a lesson or learning. Don’t aggrandize success as achieving things at the first shot. It is worthwhile documenting your achievements once in a while to give you a sense of satisfaction and the renewed motivation to achieve big things in life.

When you decide on a schedule, you invite productivity and consistency into your life. While sticking to a schedule helps you concrete your goals. Setting habits helps you to achieve the goals.

  • Take control of your emotions

Take charge of your life. Don’t let life take charge of you. Emotions are the invisible forces that drive your thoughts and decisions. For instance, if you are short tempered, controlling your anger would prevent you from jeopardizing relationships and causing unneeded chaos in your life.

  • Always make an effort to learn more

In a society where everything runs on mono syllabic responses, there is little to no opportunity for individuals to stretch their mental muscles. I can recollect something my uncle once told me.
“Keep asking questions though it annoys people. Always strive for total comprehension. The Why and How questions are enough to make you a smart person. “

The Upshot
Perfection is effort times consistency! Add these simple things by including consistency as an ingredient, you get a dish jam-packed with productivity. Become an epitome of everything you always desired to be! The beginning is now!

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