7 habits that will make you a better guitarist

Life as a guitarist is one of constant self-improvement. No matter your skill level with the instrument, there’s always more to learn. As such, it’s important to form the correct habits to ensure your progress is both consistent and efficient.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned six-string vet, here are seven habits you can form that will help you improve your guitar playing, no matter your experience.

1. Visualize

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You don’t just have to practice when there’s a guitar in your hands. There’s plenty of time in the day being wasted that you can use to improve your playing. Whenever you have a spare few seconds to daydream or are zoning out in class or at a meeting or waiting in line at the DMV, use the time to go inside your mind’s eyes and ears and visualize yourself perfectly executing the lick, riff or song you ‘ve been working on.

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