5 Things To Try If Sharing A Bed With Your Partner Is Ruining Your Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? The National Sleep Foundation released guidelines showing how much sleep you really need — and it’s all based on age. If you are an adult between the ages of 24 and 64, you need seven to nine hours. If you are over 65, seven to eight hours will suffice.

If you’re not getting your recommended sleep on a nightly basis, an Australian study recommends three remedies: hot yoga, hot physical intimacy and a hot shower (the yoga doesn’t have to be hot, but it sounds better that way, doesn’t ‘t it?).

Yoga is by far the most successful sleep inducer, as it can increase your slumber time by up to 64 minutes.

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Physical intimacy and hot showers both only increase sleep time by six minutes, so if you’re a real insomniac, it helps to roll out that yoga mat daily — I can attest to this myself, being a very heavy and sound sleeper who heads to the yoga studio three times a week.

But sometimes, even if you’re doing everything right, your beloved partner can mess up your sleep schedule.

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