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Dim lighting does not damage your vision. While good lighting does allow you to see material much better, people confuse the extra challenge of reading in the dark as damaging, hence caution against it. Reading in dim lighting can, however, cause your eyes to become fatigued more quickly. You can mitigate this by having your light source shine directly onto a page or object. Positioning your table in a way that best catches light can be another strategy.

Myth 2: Doing eye exercises improves your vision or delays the need for glasses.

Eye exercises will not improve or preserve vision or reduce the need for glasses. Your vision depends on many factors. Our eyes are biologically shaped in a certain way and exercise can’t change that. There are exercises that help your eyes relax, however, such as looking away from the screen after a period of time or at a distance for a while.

Myth 3: Wearing someone else’s glasses will ruin your vision.

There is some truth to this, however, it depends highly on a person’s age. A child aged 13 and below wearing someone else’s glasses can ruin their vision if it is entirely off or blurry because it can inhibit the proper growth of connections between the eye and the brain. Wearing someone’s glasses as an adult doesn’t do any damage, but instead, it can lead to eye strain or headaches.

Myth 4: It’s not good to wear glasses or contact lenses all the time and doing so makes you dependent.

If you need to use glasses or contacts for any activity, then feel free to use them. Usually, when you take off your glasses after quite some time, you feel that your vision has gotten worse. In reality, your eyes have just gotten used to seeing with the sharper vision made possible by your glasses. The difficulty that comes from not wearing your glasses can strain your eyes and tire them out instead of resting them. If your frame is too tight or uncomfortable, you can have it checked and replaced with one that’s more comfortable.

Myths will always abound with any activity or situation. Visiting a professional such as your optometrist will help you dispel any anxiety-causing beliefs as well as give you the confidence to take care of your eyes in ways that do help such as a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

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