10 Times Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Was Actually Funny

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to comic relief. Among death, destruction, and epic battles to save the universe or the multiverse, the MCU finds the time to include some truly hilarious scenes. Some characters (like Thor, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord) have a natural gift to create funny moments. This is still true for Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madnesseven if the film is quite scary.

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Directed by Sam Raimi, known for his expertise to create acclaimed horror films, it’s surprising how many times Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness actually made the audience laugh. Although this film is one of the MCU’s darkest titles, it still has a lot of space for the kind of MCU humor that fans love.

Spoilers for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness ahead.

10 Christine Not Being Thrilled About Gargantos

When the villain Gargantos shows up during Christine’s wedding, she, her husband Charlie, and her wedding guests observe the battle from the balcony. As Gargantos climbs a building right in front of them, Charlie comments on how amazing it is while Christine looks at the creature, annoyed and confused.

This scene only lasts a few seconds but it shows how fed up with Strange’s lifestyle Christine really is. While everyone around her is amazed at what’s happening, Christine isn’t fazed. It’s funny that being so close to a superhero makes Christine almost indifferent to his job.

9 Stephen Turning Water Into Wine

During Christine’s wedding, before she and Stephen have a heart-to-heart, they met at the bar. Here, Christine asks the bartender for a glass of wine, but Stephen interjects with, “Allow me, miss.” He then turns the water into wine, referencing one of Jesus Christ’s most popular acts. After Christine looks at the glass surprised, he asks if he’s being “too on the nose.” Christine responds with, “For you? At my wedding? Nah, it was perfect.”

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This moment is a hilarious reference to a very famous biblical passage, which even plays into Strange’s endearing arrogance. Additionally, it’s a small glimpse of the bickering nature of Stephen and Christine’s relationship, which makes them one of the best couples in the MCU.

8 The Trio’s Conversation About Spider-Man

While discussing what to do next with America and Wong, Strange brings up Spider-Man. America soon asks if he looks like a Spider. When they tell her that he looks “more like a man,” but he “shoots webs,” she can’t help but ask if he shoots them out of his behind like all spiders do. Wong and Stephen promptly say no, but then they realize that they don’t really know for sure.

This whole conversation is hilarious, especially because of Xóchitl Gomez’s reactions that range from amused to disturbed to disgusted. The conversation points to a universe where Spider-Man doesn’t exist, which is pretty incredible because he’s one of the most important Marvel heroes. Additionally, it shows what the concept of Spider-Man is like to those unfamiliar.

7 “So That Recurring Nightmare When I’m Running Naked From A Clown…?”

A few minutes after the Spider-Man conversation, America explains to Wong and Strange that dreams aren’t really dreams. Instead, they’re windows to different realities in the multiverse. This prompts Wong to ask, “So that recurring nightmare when I’m running naked from a clown?”, to which America answers, “somewhere out there, it’s real.”

Things get pretty serious after this because Wong and Strange realize what’s at stake. However, it is still very funny to imagine the situations Wong constantly gets into in another reality.

6 Strange Offering Wanda To “Get Her Back On A Lunchbox”

Before realizing Wanda had become corrupted, Doctor Strange seeks her assistance in saving America because he believes “they could use an Avenger.” As a joke, he tells her to come to Kamar-Taj so they can “get her back on a lunchbox.” Wanda only smiles half-heartedly.

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This isn’t the MCU’s first reference to the Avengers’ status as celebrities. For instance, Iron Man and Captain America are incredibly popular, so it’s amusing to hear that they find their own faces printed on kid’s merchandise.

5 Strange’s Disagreement With Wong About The Title Of Sorcerer Supreme

Since Strange was blipped for five years thanks to Thanos, he lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme to Wong. throughout The Multiverse Of Madness, he’s often reminded of what he lost. America even asks him why he isn’t the Sorcerer Supreme. Given Strange’s arrogance, this is a very hard pill to swallow and he consistently refuses to bow to Wong, even though it’s customary.

Strange and Wong’s relationship is full of funny moments. Their friendship is among the best friendships in the MCU for their sarcasm, quips, and dry humor. The gag is a testament to this. By the end of the film, Strange actually bows to Wong, finally accepting his role.

4 Bruce Campbell’s Whole Cameo

When Strange and America first arrive on Earth-838, America takes food from a street vendor because she believes they’re free. When the vendor (Pizza Poppa) threatens them, Strange casts a spell on his hand, forcing him to pour mustard on himself and punch himself in the face. When America asks him if the spell will stop soon, Strange tells him that it will take three weeks. Pizza Poppa appears again in the post-credits scene, clearly bruised.

Besides being a very important and funny cameo, Pizza Poppa has one of the funniest scenes in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Bruce Campbell’s physical comedy combined with Benedict Cumberbatch’s unamused expression makes their interaction a true joy to watch.

3 Strange Puking After His First Multiversal Travel

After America and Strange land on Earth-838, America comments on the fact that Stephen didn’t puke after the experience. Doctor Strange, proud as always, tells her that this isn’t his first weird trip. However, as he turns to admire this Earth’s New York City, he suddenly feels the need to vomit. America then says, “there it is.”

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The fact that Strange believes himself to be above vomiting but still can’t help it makes for a very silly moment. Since Doctor Strange is a very solemn character, most moments that feature him being frivolous or ridiculous are usually the funniest scenes in the MCU.

2 “Got It, No Pressure Then”

Before Strange tries to reason with Scarlet Witch for the first time, Wong reminds him that the fate of the multiverse may depend on it. Strange responds to Wong by saying, “Got it, no pressure then.” After things go sideways and Wanda unleashes her power over Kamar-Taj, Strange returns to Wong and attempts to defuse the tension with a dry, “Nailed it.”

This gag only lasts a couple of minutes, but it’s right before the first big battle of the film. Although many fans believed this dramatic scene was somewhat spoiled by the joke, others consider Strange’s comments to be perfect examples of the way he uses sarcasm to cope with his problems.

1 “The Illumiwhatty?” And Strange Being Sarcastic With The Illuminati

Conceited as always, Strange can’t stop himself from being witty with the Illuminati when he first meets them. For example, he rudely questions if Black Bolt’s lack of speech has anything to do with his bad breath. When Strange first meets Reed Richards, he asks, “Didn’t chart the Fantastic Four chart in the ’60s?” By saying this, he’s mocking the team’s name.

While this is a highly tense scene due to Earth-838’s Strange’s fate, it’s always humorous to see Strange’s inability to respect any kind of authority. Even when Mordo tells him he must meet the Illuminati, he clearly can’t take them seriously, which he conveys by asking: “The Illuminwhatty?”

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